La Dueña by My Father Cigars

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La Dueña by My Father Cigars


I’ve been meaning to review the La Dueña by My Father Cigars since they started hitting shelves back in August. The usual suspects (work, school, family) have kept me pretty busy but after my quick little review of La Dueña last week on Kiss My Radio I felt it was time to knock it out. By now most of you know the story of La Dueña. Blended by Pete Johnson for Janny Garcia of My Father Cigars and is described as being a mix of two other Pete Johnson blends, La Riqueza and La Casita Criolla. Available in five sizes featuring a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Connecticut Broadleaf and Nicaraguan tobacco for both the binder and the filler.

Video runs close to seven minutes and La Dueña really shines in the petite lancero size. A smooth and refined syrupy texture coats your palate with a wonderful assortment of dark earthy flavors like a semi-sweet chocolate. Add a little bit of a nutmeg type spice to the mix and La Dueña brings to the table the best that La Riqueza and La Casita Criolla have to offer in a balanced, mature fashion. Its a winner.


9 thoughts on “La Dueña by My Father Cigars

  1. Great review! I’ve only had 1 so far, the PL, but I also thought it was an excellent cigar. Loved the flavor, spice level, mouth feel, size, heck I loved everything about it. As long as they are consistent, this will be one of my favorite new cigars of the year!

  2. Jerry as always love the review, I have heard great things about this stick I can’t wait to pick some up. Hope all is well.

  3. nice review jery and good to see you back i would have to say this is one of my go to stogies now this is a nice stick and for the money!

  4. Thanks for the review Jerry. I tried both belicoso sizes and the petit lancero. I did note that I liked the 5.5 x 54 belicoso but I will be most definitely buying more of these in all sizes as it is a very flavorful cigar. Like it a lot.

  5. Just tried this smoke for the first time yesterday. I smoked the robusto and I thought it was fantastic. Great flavors. Definitely and awesome smoke!

  6. I am hooked on this new blend, especially the Petite Belicoso. Nice dog walking smoke as the weather (in the Northeast) turns cooler.

  7. At my local they opened the belicoso box first. For $8 or the like, I’m reaching for the oval san lotano every time. I much prefer the flor de las antillas for sure, and it is cheaper.

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