Trinidad Paradox

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Trinidad Paradox

Wrapper : Mexican San Andreas Criollo 98
Binder : Dominican
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : bought locally

Welcome to this weeks review of the Trinidad Paradox in the toro size. This cigar is available in four sizes, robusto (5×54), toro (6×54), belicoso (6 1/8×52) and a churchill (7×57). All of the sizes are box pressed. Price ranges from $108 to $120 for boxes of 16 which puts the single price at around $6.75 to $7.50. I bought mine locally for $5 after the 20% off cardholder discount.


I am getting a nice syrupy scent off the wrapper of this Trinidad Paradox along with a bit of sweet hay. Sniffing at the foot gives a bit of natural tobacco and some woody scents while the cold draw gives that same sweet syrup taste as the scent from the wrapper. The band is very nice on this stick as the contrasting silver and neon green really looks good together. No massive veins and the stick feels solid with no holes or blemishes.

First Third

Starting out this Trinidad Paradox and the same sweet syrup taste is coming through like was on the wrapper and cold draw along with some leather. Getting a bit of a spice coming through the retrohale but nothing much at all. Leather has morphed into a woody taste but the nice sweetness is still there and makes it nice and tasty. Burn is going great at the end of the first third with no touchups needed and the ash is nice and compact.

Second Third

Swinging into the second third of this Trinidad Paradox and so far it is giving the exact same things as all the other ones I have smoked. Still going strong with the nice sweet syrup, almost like a mild molasses but nothing as strong as King syrup (which rules). Getting the woody taste coming through also. Medium to full flavored and still in the mild category for strength. Woody taste is starting to take over along with a sharper spice. Still a little bit of the sweet syrup in the background but it is a lot less noticeable at this point. Spice makes a bit of a dull taste on the palate but other than that it is a bit boring right now.

Final Third

Heading into the final third of this Trinidad Paradox with it becoming a bit plain right now but I am hoping it starts to change a little to perk up my interest. Still hanging with that dull spice taste with a hint of sharpness. Woody taste changed back into a leather but sadly, no more of the sweet syrup. Stayed the same through the end with the zingy spice kicking up a bit. Really disappointed the sweet syrup did not come back.


Would I buy it again? Maybe. I liked the first half of the cigar very much but it died off a bit in the second half. If I can keep picking them up at around $5 I could see keeping a five pack on hand but any more than that and it falls into a category that includes a lot of other cigars that enthuse me a bit more.

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6 thoughts on “Trinidad Paradox

  1. Nice review mike, and even better members only NASCAR shirt!

    Seems like the smaller ring gauge annoys u a little bit. I am a smaller ring gauge smoker, mostly due to time I have to smoke, but IMO flavors are more concentrated and easier to pick out. Larger do a nice job in melting the flavors together.doesnt mean each aren’t equally enjoyable, but I’ll take a corona, Lancero!!! Had to get that in!

  2. Hey mike! I love the review! I will probably still try this smoke. Just cause you reviewed it! I caught a few minutes of the stogie411 and fell asleep tho i was feeling real poorly D: … lol but your reviews are still top notch keep them coming ! P.S sense your one review you have me hooked on ponytails salt water taffy :\

  3. A bit late to the party but I’m having one right now. Lost the sweetness a bit early but I’m still getting a spicy leather vibe. Not my taste but not bad.

  4. December 2016 update. I just bought a deeply discounted box of 16 Belicosos online, smoked the first stick just now, delighted with it! It did have a hay-like scent, beautful look and construction. It drew smoothly and burned uniformly right down to the label. The taste suited me just fine. It is a nice adder to my non-Cuban humidor. The trapezoidal box is very cool! I am,going to try to turn it it into a tabletop humidor with a variety of sticks in it.

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