Rocky Patel Burn Naples Florida

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Rocky Patel Burn Naples Florida

Wrapper : Honduran Habano
Binder : Honduran
Filler : Honduran
Source : Bought locally for $6.60 each

Welcome to this weeks review of the Rocky Patel Burn Naples Florida in the toro size. This will be a written review only due to our house needing damage repairs and it was just too noisy to record. This cigar is available in four sizes (most only seem to mention three so maybe the fourth is a limited?) robusto (5×50), toro (6.5×52), torpedo (6.5×52) and the titan (8.5×60). Yea, I really want to get a hold of some of those to try!

Some of you may remember that I reviewed the original Burn also and before you ask, yes the blend has changed for this iteration mainly because Dion made the original for Rocky Patel and this one is Rocky’s own. I do not know if the original will still be produced for the lounges or if this one will be taking over for everything.

I am drinking some Woodford Reserve with this to give full disclosure.


Taking a look at the wrapper on this Rocky Patel Burn Naples Florida and there are hardly any veins at all. It is a very nice looking cigar. Getting a slight barnyard on wrapper, tobacco on foot and tobacco on cold draw. Draw is nice and free. Cigar lit up with ease and away we go.

First Third

Starting off this Rocky Patel Burn Naples Florida and it gives a nice creamy nutty taste that is very mild. After about a half inch or so a nice spice joins in and really lets the flavors blossom. Sweet woodiness comes to join the party just a bit after the spice comes into bloom. Flavors stayed pretty consistent but increased in intensity and a bit in strength here at the end of the first third. Still a mild cigar to me but slowly creeping up.

Second Third

Starting out the second third of this Rocky Patel Burn Naples Florida and so far so good. Really a nice flavor package and this Woodford Reserve is going very well with it. So far into the second third and all the flavors are staying pretty much the same except the sweetness has come forward a bit more along with the woody taste. At this point I picked up some sweet fruit taste in two of the five I smoked but so far nothing in this one. Flavors are still very nice and steady even without the fruit taste. Cigar has really slowed down in this third and turned into a great cigar to just sit around and enjoy.

Final Third

Coming into the final third and I am really liking the flavors in this Rocky Patel Burn Naples Florida. Sweetness is still coming on pretty strong with the spice component balancing everything out nicely. A medium body at this point and the smoke is dense and creamy. Spice has picked up while the sweetness is going away slowly. Body has shot up again to a low full, nothing overwhelming but it definitely has picked up in the last inch to inch and a half. Cigar ended very well with the spice taking over almost everything.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I really enjoyed this cigar and all of the others I smoked for this review. It was a cigar that just relaxed me especially after a day of noisy construction going on. It went really great with the Woodford Reserve. It seemed the alcohol enhanced the flavors and made it just that much more enjoyable.

I apologize again for no video and also no pictures except the main one. I should be back next week in full motion.

I am just me.

5 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Burn Naples Florida

  1. Nice review, Mike. Sounds like a worthwhile pick up. I wonder if anyone around here has these, although I’m sure the price would be higher here.

    Hope the home repairs are going well. That bourbon is a good one to relax with, nonetheless.

  2. The original RP Burn did not impress me but, still, I was looking forward to giving the Burn Naples a try. Sounds like I will do just that. Thanks Mike.

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