Asylum 13

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Asylum 13

Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Bought locally for $5.60 a stick

Today’s review is going to be a cigar that a lot of people are groaning about while reading this due to the size but fear not, I am doing it anyway. Today’s cigar is the Asylum 13 in the 7×70 size. This cigar is available in three sizes, 5×50, 6×60 and this 7×70. Prices range from $5 to $7 respectively for singles and boxes of 50 are $225, $270 and $190 (box of 30 for the 7×70). This is a Nicaraguan puro.

If you say you don’t like this size then please, tell us which cigar you have smoked that was a 7×70 because you can’t dislike something you never tried 😉


Sniff test for the Asylum 13 gives a slight barnyard on the wrapper while plain tobacco on the foot and a sharp spice on the cold draw. All of these I have smoked for the review have been made beautifully with a wrapper that has minimal veins. Spark this thing up and hope nobody calls the fire department (yes, you can joke about the size once you have had a cigar in this size).

First Half

Starting off this Asylum 13 cigar and it gives a sharp spice with a toasted nut taste right from the get go. Leather came into play a short way into the cigar and really blossomed at about an inch in. Dark chocolate has joined the mix and the spice has died down a bit. Leather is still up front but the chocolate seems to be catching up. At the end of the first half it is a nice medium stick with medium flavor. It does seem to be a bit dull at this point and it may be due to the size of the cigar. I do not know if this stick was re-blended for this size or if extra filler was just added but at this point it seems it would benefit from a dual wrapper or binder to add more intensity to the flavors.

Second Half

Heading into the final half of the Asylum 13 in the 7×70 size and the flavors are enjoyable, at least for me but it seems like they are a little laid back. Not horribly but just a shade. Still about medium body with the leather and chocolate at the front. Cigar picked up into the full body category while the flavors did intensify a little bit but not massively. Dark chocolate taste has definitely taken over the top spot right now and a slight hint of spice has made its way back into the cigar. Burn is going great and I may have another hour to go to finish this out. Almost hit the three hour mark with the cigar ending with a slathering of flavors joined together into a bit of a mess. Dark chocolate was still there but really muddied up with the rest. Power seemed to drop from full back to medium and then to a low full again at the end.


Would I buy it again? Maybe. I would like to try the other sizes to see if I am right about the flavors probably being more intense in the smaller sizes. I liked the length of the smoke and the first three quarters but the ending left a lot to be desired.

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I am just me.

14 thoughts on “Asylum 13

  1. I know alot of people seem to like large ring gauges recently. But this size is absurd. Truly absurd.

    Ridiculous size aside, nice review.

  2. just because a cigar is massive does not make it better. Its flavors were muted because of the size. Bigger is not always better, which most people simply cannot understand.

  3. I love the trend toward the bigger ring gauges. I have never been a fan of the smaller cigars. I am going to pick up a 5 pack of the 80 gaugers and see how they smoke.

  4. I absolutely love this cigar. And, as Mike has stated do
    not knock it until you have tried it. I was on that fence and
    jumped off real quick as soon as I smoked this one. As for 5.60 a
    stick (I WISH) I paid 6.95 here in Philly. This is definitely going
    to be in my rotation. They also must be doing something right. They
    are back ordered on both websites where I grab my boxes.

  5. I normally enjoy the Corona or toro vitola. However in the Asylum 13 i do like the 60 size. I have tried the 70 and yes…the 80. I liked them both. However they are rather awkward. These have a great flavor in the filler as well as tge wrapper. Try it once. You’ll like it.

  6. Very nice smoke. Love the 60’s and 70’s.
    Have had some trouble with the burn on occasion. Great medium to full body throughout. It has become my go to stick. Great price at $6.30 in Charlotte NC

  7. Love the huge size. It’s lasts long and smokes great. I think you’ll start to see a 90 and 95 ring soon. Guys at the Golf club love the really big cigars.

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