Diesel Unholy Cocktail (Short Ashes)

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Diesel Unholy Cocktail (Short Ashes)

Diesel Unholy Cocktail while my daughter naps. May be a bit much for an afternoon cigar.

Last week I made mention in the Herrera Esteli Cigar Review that I was in attendance for the Cigars International Superstore Grand Opening in Hamburg, PA. What I didn’t mention was that while there, my wallet had a traumatic experience. I found myself walking around the store, placing cigars in my shopping basket, without a care in the world.

As I stood in line, waiting to pay for my swollen basket of cigars, I felt like a kid in a grocery store. Little treats in the form of cigars surrounded the register just waiting for the weak willed customer to splurge on an impulse buy. I was that customer and picked up a pair or Diesel Unholy Cocktail Torpedos.

My only experience with the Diesel line came as a gift from Mike during Cigarfest, a couple years ago. I smoked the Diesel Unholy Cocktail Shorty. I think I enjoyed it at the time but apparently it didn’t leave a lasting impression. With my daughter down for a nap and a little free time, I sat out on my porch and smoked one of my two Diesel Unholy Cocktail Cigars. Check out the video below for my thoughts.

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9 thoughts on “Diesel Unholy Cocktail (Short Ashes)

  1. You’re spot on calling this a “drinking cigar” as it has been one of my favorites to pair with Sam Adams Boston Lager. The brew sort of fills in the flavor gaps and the power of the Diesel makes for a nice social stogie experience. Thanks for the review!

  2. I agree with your assessment. Not a bad smoke, but also not a particularly memorable one. In the past, I purchased a box for “work” smokes. They did the job, but were far from complex and the strength(with a touch of harshness) was a little off putting. For work, I have switched over to the Flor de Oliva and Perdomo FRESCO. But that’s another topic.

  3. Definitely a bold cigar, and I too found it a little rough around the edges. I did enjoy it, but it wouldn’t be more than an occasional smoke for me. Great review.

  4. Love the short ashes reviews, Walt! Keep ’em coming!

    I like the Diesel lines. The UC is good, I agree that it’s more about power and body than about nuance of flavor … though the flavor does smooth out and mesh better with some age on it!! Overall I prefer the Shorty, though. I’ve found construction on these to be impeccable–truckloads of smoke and a nice firm ash that holds well (I’ve had one hold for the entire cigar on multiple occasions).

    I smoke these as a 2nd cigar of the day, in the evenings with some booze or what not, when I want something good but strong and when I don’t feel like my palate is up to appreciating something more expensive.

    And I agree that the MoW Ruination and Puro Authentico are both better cigars in the “cheap but good” category.

  5. In Holland this cigar is not regularly available. However, some cigar smokers out here seem to be taken by the blend and absolutely love the Diesel brand and this particular blend. I for one will certainly smoke them if I ever come across these! Nice and honest review, by the way.

  6. This is a 3 dollar stick. And it smokes and tastes better than many double its price. It has its place. It is bold, high nic, high intensity, yet subtle enough to not bore you. Name a 3 dollar stick that can do that! Tuck em away for 6 months to a year and the intensity REALLY mellows out and this becomes an outstanding smoke. Smoking about 3 times its value. I adore this stick, and will ALWAYS have at least a few in the humi.

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