Headley Grange

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Headley Grange

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Samples sent from Jon Huber

Welcome to another Saturday cigar review, this time it is the Headley Grange by Crowned Heads. This cigar is only available in one size right now, estupendos (5 1/2 x 52). It will be getting another four sizes next year which I talk about in the video. Price point on this stick is $9.25.


Giving this Headley Grange the once over and the cigar feels very thin, although I know it isn’t, it just has that feeling. Sniffing the foot and wrapper gives a slight spice with tobacco and the cold draw gives almost all spice. This cigar is a slight box press as you can see (hopefully) in the video.

Let’s light this stick.

First Third

Starting out with this Headley Grange and I get hit by a wall of woody taste and a nice subtle spice right after lighting. After about two puffs the spice comes on strong on the palette and hangs through the retrohale with a long lasting aftertaste on the tongue. After another couple of puffs the spice dies back down and the woody taste comes through as the front runner once again along with just a hint of sweetness. Getting to the end of the first third already with the woody spice taste dominant along with the dull sweetness that I am going to call a taste like dried apricots. It is not real fruity but the same dull sweetness I get from dried apricots reminds me of the taste I am getting. Low medium body with full flavor at this point.

Second Third

Heading into the second third of this Headley Grange and the dried apricot taste is melding nicely with the strong wood and spice. Body is still a low medium but creeping up just a little bit. Flavor profile is staying consistent in this second third with the woody spice being dominant and still getting the dried apricot dull sweetness in the background. Body has moved into a solid medium at this point.

Final Third

Heading into the last bit of this Headley Grange with the body hitting a solid medium and the flavor still standing out with the woody spice and dull dried apricot. Toward the end of the final third the dried apricot taste went away and the spicy wood taste took total control of everything. Hit the full body mark for me in this stick but i have a few others that stayed in the medium range.


Would I buy it again? Probably. I really enjoyed the ones that stayed more medium bodied and would love to get more of those. When it hits full body it takes something away for me but being in the final third it isn’t too bad to let it go at that point. I will also add that the price point is hard for me to afford but for occasional smoking it would be fine.

Give it a try and see what you think. I believe it is a great sophomore cigar from Crowned Heads and cant wait to try other sizes and whatever they dream up for a junior cigar release.

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I am just me.

9 thoughts on “Headley Grange

  1. Four kicks, or headley? Good review mike. Seems like u really tried to like this cigar, but not your favorite flavor profile.

    1. For the ones that stayed medium it would definitely be the Headley Grange but when they got full I would have rather had a Four Kicks.

      Hope that makes sense.

  2. Nice honest take, Mike. I know the other Mike has this at the top of his list, but we all have different preferences and perceptions. I’ll have to get my hands on some of these. You need to move your red chair (and clock) into the basement, lol.

    1. Only reason it would not be tops with me is when they hit the full range. I just did not care for it when the body ramped up. Again, that is a personal preference just because I dont care for a whole lot of full bodied smokes.

  3. Smoked Headley Grange yesterday and it was interesting that I tasted apricot flavors as well and then read your review and it confirmed it for me. Wonder if anyone else tasted it too?

  4. Nicely done! I’ve been looking forward to this stick for some time. Especially since it seems that I missed the boat with the mule kick. Only thing missing in that basement is that crazy clock you have…lol!

  5. The Crowned Head tried to please the new smokers like strong tobacco, a little favors, good amount of smoke and the price is a little high for this cigar’s.

  6. Hey Mikey!!!
    first I love the Paper Towel Dispenser! Second I think this is a Great stick. I’m not sure which I like more Four Kicks or this one. I agree with you that sometimes when anystick gets to strong for me it kills the experience of the smoke, I have only had 3 of these and I loved them but they are def. and end of day smoke for me with some sort of sugar drink near by. Great Review!

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