Crowned Heads (IPCPR 2012)

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Crowned Heads (IPCPR 2012)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Noticeably missing from the 2011 IPCPR show was Jon Huber, Mike Conder and the rest of the Crowned Heads family. Fast forward to IPCPR 2012 when Walt and I entered the show floor during setup, it was great to see the Crowned Heads booth as soon as you walk in. It was even better to be greeted by Jon with a bro hug after not seeing him for over a year. Saying they were busy on Day 1 would be a severe understatement! Every time we walked by (which was often), there was always a steady, deep line of retailers with their checkbooks in hand. During a rare and brief lul in the action, we seized on the opportunity and caught up with Jon and Mike and talked about the current state of Four Kicks and we find out how a cigar can taste like a sound as we discuss Headley Grange.

If there are those of you out there, who like me, didn’t know what a trunk press was or at least the difference between a trunk press and box press, I happily provide this link to our favorite cigar lifestyle publication for the answer.


3 thoughts on “Crowned Heads (IPCPR 2012)

  1. Great interview. I’m a huge fan of the Four Kicks, and hoping I can weasel some Headley Grange sticks soon. Sounds tasty.


  2. I had the opportunity to smoke 3 of these a month ago. I had intended to space out the days between them, just so they would last. I ended up smoking them 3 days in a row. I was a huge fan of the four kicks, and while I still am, I think this cigar is going to top that. I loved everything about it. These guys really have their stuff together and I’m looking forward to seeing the HG in my shops soon.

  3. Four Kicks is a pleasure to smoke. I prefer the bigger sizes.
    The aroma is fantastic!…
    I smoke a variety of cigars and this year I haven’t smoked anything that has brought me this level of sophistication and pleasure. Cant wait to try the HGrange.

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