An Afternoon with Daniel Marshall

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An Afternoon with Daniel Marshall


Joining George Brightman (W.Curtis Draper Bethesda) is Daniel Marshall. For 30 years, Daniel Marshall has handcrafted elegant humidors for well known brands like Alfred Dunhill, Tiffany, S.T. Dupont, Fred Joaillier, Harrod’s, Garrard’s of London as well as serving private clients that include four royal families, entertainment executives, captains of industry, well-known performers and many special individuals who value his artistry and passion for perfection. Daniel and George sit back and talk about the beginnings of the Daniel Marshall brand, some wonderful stories about the people he has made humidors for, the role Cigar Aficionado played in his success and the story of his cigar, the DM2 Red Label.

I’ve heard your requests from previous episodes and have kept each segment to under twenty minutes to make viewing as easy as possible.


5 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Daniel Marshall

  1. Great great stuff…great story….George is just fantastic at orchestrating these. Great stuff Jerry, really enjoyed….that’s what she said!

  2. Nice job Jerry! A really fanstic story. Among everything else, I like Daniel’s
    analogy that smoking cigars is like relaxing around a campfire. Keep up the good work!

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