Rocky Patel Edge Nicaraguan

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Rocky Patel Edge Nicaraguan

Edge Nicaraguan 007 (600x400)

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : bought at Genuine Tobacco for $4.50 each

Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks review of the Rocky Patel Edge Nicaraguan in the toro size. I have only found this cigar in two sizes, a torpedo and a toro with both being 6×52. As you can guess it is a Nicaraguan puro and is the newest in the Edge line of cigars.


Sniffing away and I get a barnyard scent on the wrapper with not much scent at all on the foot. There is a hay taste on the cold draw. Head clipped nicely and gave a superb draw and with a bit of fire it lit up with ease.

First Half

Starting off this Rocky Patel Edge Nicaraguan and there is a leather taste with spice and wood. Giving a good retrohale delivers a very nice boost of pepper but nothing that will overwhelm the senses. A little ways in and the spice has died down a bit while the leather has taken over with a bit of the woody taste in the background. There is also just a hint of a cocoa.

Second Half

Into the second half of this Rocky Patel Edge Nicaraguan and it is a very consistent cigar, which is the same as the rest of the Edge line. Getting more cocoa with the leather and wood and a spice at the back of the tongue with pepper on the retrohale. Getting towards the end and it is in the low full range but nothing overpowering at all. Flavors have stayed really consistent and nice.


Would I buy it again? yes. Flavors were very consistent and blended together nicely. Power hit the low full range but stayed in a decent arena to be handled by most cigars smokers.

I know the video and writeup weren’t super long but it was really a simple straight forward cigar with a consistent profile throughout.

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I am just me.

10 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Edge Nicaraguan

  1. Thanks for the review, Mike. It’s strange that some sites have this as the Edge Habano, Edge Habano Nicaraguan Edition, or Edge Nicaraguan. No one can seem to agree on what to call it, or where the band should be. Of course the RP website has no info on it whatsoever. Oh well, I’ll have to pick up a couple, especially if I can find them at close to your price.

    1. I agree, the naming is all over the place from reviewers to stores. Just remember the powder blue band and you will get the right one.

  2. ^ well, the bands on the Edge lines are always at the foot of the cigar .. the edge, that is. So that’s where this band goes. Back when they were introduced that was novel, now many do it.

    I’m not sure what the official name should be, but I personally think “Edge Habano” makes the most sense because all the others in the Edge line have names corresponding to the variety of wrapper tobacco (except the “Lite”). Calling it the “Nicaraguan” is stupid because all of the Edge cigars have Nicaraguan filler (and binder, I believe), not just this one. (IMVHO, the original Edge Sumatra is the best Edge, if not the best RP cigar ever).

    Mike–how would you say this compares to the Edge Corojo? The flavors you describe here are pretty much what I’d say about the Corojo, though that one is most likely stronger than the Habano.

  3. Until the Edge Nicaraguan came out, I really liked the Sumatra Edge. I smoked them occasionally. But when I tried the Edge Nicaraguan, I really enjoyed it and smoked it more regularly than the Sumatra. A great cigar at a good price. Nice review Mike.

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