Dunhill Aged 2003 Reserva Especial

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Dunhill Aged 2003 Reserva Especial

General Cigar made the Dunhill Aged 2003 Reserva Especial for Dunhill at their Dominican facilities, using a special aging process which uses tercios covered in yagua, bark of the Royal palm.  Yagua allows excellent protection for the tobacco while still allowing it to breathe. This process takes about 2 years. The tobacco is then aged in just the tercios for a total of 9 years.  The cigar is being released in only one size, robusto grande:  5 1/2 x 54.  I really love the size.  It was a good size size to showcase the subtle flavors of the cigar while not muting them too much.  Nice flavors of cedar, cream, white pepper, cashews and a subtle sweetness.  Quite a tasty, mild bodied cigar, but for $15.00?  For me its too much, I can see how it would cost that much with all the care and time put into the development of the blend.  Check the video for a full review.

Wrapper:  Connecticut Shade

Binder:  Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler:  9 year old Dominican from the Cibao valley

MSRP:  $15.00


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