Month: February 2013

Week in Smoke

Brian’s The Week In Smoke, Issue 26

Once again, a busy schedule has gotten in the way of a proper in depth review. And you know what that means: It’s time again for another issue of Brian’s The Week In Smoke. In case this is your first Week in Smoke, be advised that it covers many (though not necessarily all) of the […]


Quesada Jalapa Robusto

A couple years ago, Quesada released the Seleccion Espana to the Spanish market, but only in the US to a very select few Quesada retailers.  People that were able to get some, like myself, absolutely loved the cigar and bombarded Quesada with request to have a full release here in the US.  This year, Quesada […]

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An Afternoon with Litto Gomez (2013) (Part Three)

Welcome to Part 3 of an Afternoon with Litto Gomez. Litto spent 40 minutes after talking with George answering questions from the audience at W.Curtis Draper. This is the first part of the Q&A session. Litto Gomez of La Flor Dominicana joins George Brightman of W.Curtis Draper for another episode of ‘Draper Dialogue‘. This is […]


La Grande Classe

Today’s review is of a cigar that slipped quietly onto the market at the end of last year, created by a man who needs no fanfare to sell cigars, Dion Giolito. It’s named La Grande Classe (or “the great class”) and is a 470-box limited run blended by Dion exlcusively for his retail shop FUMARE […]

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Key West “Al Capone” by Rafael Fuente (first impressions)

Several weeks ago, I received a little sampler pack of cigars from Island Cigar Factory, a chain of three cigar shops down in Key West, Florida. They carry a line of their own cigars made at their own factory in the Dominican Republic. The most visually-stunning cigar among the samples they sent me was this […]

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