Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

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Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Time flies when you are having fun…is that old adage right? Maybe thats why it doesn’t feel like it has been seven years since Walt and I started Stogie Review back in March 2006. Many of you were part of that paltry 82 visitors we had in our first month. I could bore you with stat after stat about how many videos we’ve published or comments we’ve received or something else to justify how much better we are than any other cigar related site (blog/information resource). Thats not my style. It isn’t about that for us. I’m pretty sure there are sites out there that get more traffic, have published more videos, get more comments, have a SEO strategy, more access to manufacturers, a general plan, etc,. I define our success by how much fun we have doing this. Maybe thats not a measurable metric but who cares? I will freely admit that any and all of our success has been by total accident. We are just six guys who enjoy smoking cigars and sharing our live’s while we do it. Whether it is sharing trivial things like pictures of what we are eating, or where we are checking in to. To things that are less trivial like marriage, having kids, job changes and losing loved ones. The past seven years has been a virtual road trip of endless fun sharing cigars and life and it is a great pleasure to have all of you riding shotgun with us! We hope you will continue to enjoy the ride with us!

A little @herreraesteli  action

Herrera Esteli – Phenomenal cigar! I’m glad to finally see them appearing on store shelves. I’m even happier that Willy Herrera took his time to release this cigar until it was…well…perfect. Haven’t tried all the sizes yet but so far, the corona size is the early favorite.

Lets start with a little Quesada Jalapa action @terencereilly82

Quesada Jalapa – Had all kinds of construction problems with this one which really distracted me. Finally had to put it down as the wrapper started to unwind from multiple locations. I’ll have to revisit the cigar again as I’m sure the construction issues I experienced aren’t typical.

put the Jalapa down but it's a Quesada night so Colorado Robusto 'old faithful' time @terencereilly82

Casa Magna Colorado Robusto – The Colorado Robusto has been my go to cigar as of late (sorry Brick House). They are just smoking beautifully lately. Creamy, woodsy, smokey all with a clean, smooth finish. My opinion of the Colorado Robusto is rising from a mediocre blend to being a gem. I know me calling it a gem is a bit absurd since it won Cigar of The Year back in 2008 but that was 5 years ago and in my experience, didn’t live up to that title until recently. So if you haven’t smoked one recently, pick one up, like I said, they are smoking beautifully these days.

Rounding out Quesada night...Oktoberfest @terencereilly82

Quesada Oktoberfest – As you can tell, it was a Quesada type of night. I like doing this, picking a brand and giving a taste to multiple blends within the brand. The Oktoberfest was a great way to end a night. Hearty and filling with lots of molasses, dark woodsy notes and an almond type sweetness to it. The Oktoberfest really gave my palate a workout.

Lets try the newest from @JCNewmanCigars - Perla Del Mar

Perla del Mar by JC Newman – Along with the Brick House Maduro Mighty Mighty the Perla del Mar was released at last year’s (2012) IPCPR. It had escaped my mind until they showed up at the shop a few weeks ago. Nice smoke, almost tea like qualities to it. Very delicate and light flavors that don’t linger. Little bit of creaminess, slight sweet woodsy notes. The cigar isn’t much to look at aesthetically but the Perla del Mar is a fine candidate for that first cigar of the day.

Doing some cheesecake sampling @reinado_cigars lets try 'A' first.

Cheesecake Sample A by Reinado Cigars – A little running joke between Antonio and I. Sample A appears to be a box pressed corona gorda size of the Grand Empire Reserve. Great start with lots of intensity. The middle kind of mellowed out and was the calm before the storm at the end. Think of a cayenne pepper chocolate brownie. Creamy, chocolaty, bitter sweet and a little bit of heat but completely balanced with lots of smoke.

Time for Sample B. nice 6x38 size. @reinado_cigars putting me to work tonight!

Cheesecake Sample B by Reinado Cigars – Sample B appears to be a petite lancero size of the Grand Empire Reserve. What a difference size makes. The petite lancero didn’t have that bit of heat like Sample A but was a lot more creamier but still felt balanced although underwhelming when compared to the above corona size. Not a lot of smoke either.

Gotta add this to include in next week in smoke.

Davidoff 2013 ‘Year of The Snake’ Edition – While I’m not sure what Davidoff was thinking with the newest size of the Puro d’Oro, I can say that the ‘Year of The Snake’ is phenomenal. Delicate, crisp, balanced and a great bouquet of floral aromas with a slight honey type sweetness and a peppery smokey woodiness that is rather unique and engaging. Davidoff is at its best when it is innovating (Year of The Snake) instead of playing catchup to a fad (3.75×60 Nub like Puro d’Oro).


11 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. Congrats to all of you,always enjoy reading your comments. I have only been around for the last three years, looking forward to many more in the future.

  2. Congratulations on 7 years!

    Are either of those samples you smoke going to be actual production sizes for the Grand Empire Reserve?

    1. Hey Kevin. Still finalizing things on the blending(must get it just right) but you can look to see at least one of these to be released as we expand the GER product line. Thanks for asking.

      Best regards,
      Reinado Cigars

  3. Congratulations to you and the entire Stogie Review crew Jerry, keep it up. Must try the Herrera Esteli corona you mentioned as well as that Year of the snake. Appreciate the write up on the 2 pieces of cheesecake… More to come.

    Best Regards,
    Reinado Cigars

  4. Interesting description of that boxed pressed corona by Reinado…sounds like something I would enjoy! I will also have to track down a cayenne pepper chocolate brownie too!

    Congrats on 7 years! While I’m a relative newcomer I have to say I enjoy your’s and Walt’s posts (when he does post) the most. No offense to the other guys of course. When can we expect to see a Stogie Review Anniversary Cigar? If it was possible, who would you guys want to make it for you?

  5. Congratulations to you and the entire Stogie Review crew on serving the cigar community for seven years! Are there any other sites that have been around longer? I can only think of Doc Diaz.

    100% accurate description of the Davidoff Year of The Snake. Phenomenal is precisely how I would describe it. I’ve never heard of the Herrera Esteli. Is Willy Herrera one of these young newcomers to the scene?

  6. Great line up of cigars Jerry and I can’t wait to pick up some Casa Magna Rosado cigars. I have always felt it to be a great cigar and it sounds like this years batch is a home run. Congrats on the seven years and the passion and commitment you and the other reviewers bring to this hobby.

    I think you need to do a few cedar wrap lights to your next few videos IMHO

  7. I’ve recently stumbled across your site via Tom’s cigars. I
    love it! I just left a comment at Tom’s about the Oktoberfest. I
    had one at hunnaphu day. It was an enjoyable experience even on a
    pretty empty stomach (with a little beer) and an early morning
    smoke.. Amazing smoke, went well with all the beers we tried as

  8. Hey jerry i am getting married march 30th only a few weeks away. I was wondering i am looking to pick up some cigars for the bachelor party but the thing is i don’t wanna brake the bank bc the guys in bachelor party are not big cigar smokers like myself. I am looking for a good inexpensive cigar for them and i might treat myself without them knowing lol. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work, congrats on 7 great years ill be around for the next 7 to come. You guys do a great job thanks for what you guys do. Keep smoking!!!

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