La Duena Petit Lancero

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La Duena Petit Lancero

La Duena Petit Lancero Cigar Review

What do you get when you sit down and record a cigar review much earlier than usual? If this review is any indication, you forget to finalize it and wind up with a review that is almost a day late! Thats alright though, better late that never, eh?

Last week I revisited the Cabaiguan Guapos by way of a Short Ashes Review. The cigar, among others, came in a care package sent to me ny Jerry. This review is another revisit from that care package and features the La Duena Petit Lancero from My Father Cigars.

Of all he cigars sent to my by Jerry, the La Duena was one that I was most interested in smoking. My previous experience with this line came by way of a larger vitola, purchased from the Cigars International Superstore. That experience, to put it bluntly, sucked.

In Jerry’s review of the La Duena, he makes mention that the Petit Robusto under-performed for him. Since I think I may have had that size, I was eager to try the Petit Lancero that he was so fond of. When the care package arrived, I got my chance.

I wish I could tell you that the Petit Lancero was leaps and bounds better than my previous experience. I wish I could tell you that I loved the cigar and can’t wait to smoke more. Unfortunately, this cigar simply isn’t for me. The flavor profile struck me as being very dry. In addition to a dry mixture of vegetal and natural tobacco flavors, the finish lacked any sort of creaminess. When the flavor and finish came together, I just couldn’t get into the taste.

Even though I didn’t enjoy my La Duena Petit Lancero, it is a good cigar. The flavors seemed precise and purposeful but struck me as bland. The construction was excellent, producing a tidy ash, even burn, and solid amount of smoke with each puff (for the size, that is).

I may be in the minority by not liking this cigar but I can certainly see why others enjoy it.

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5 thoughts on “La Duena Petit Lancero

  1. I agree with you, this isn’t a bad cigar. What it is, is a tweaked blend of the La Casita Criolla, and truth is I will reach for the LCC any day of the week over the La Duena, which I do, the LCC HCBF is in my regular rotation,

  2. Got completely different experience… Loved this smoke in this size, my tastes got syrupy flavors, wasn’t as dirty of a feel as LCc……love both sticks….thanks for review!

  3. Good review Walt. I find the La Casita Criolla to hit my flavor profile perfectly and the La Duena to be best as a second cigar and enjoyed with a beer. To me they are completely different cigars and the La Diena has a place but it is not on the top shelf.

  4. I have had this cigar in the Short Robusto format and I didn’t like it as well, did nothing for me so I’m not really excited to try any others. While Pete makes some Great sticks and I mean great… this is not one of them at least thats how I feel.

  5. It is funny how tastes vary so much, which I suppose is what makes this fun. Being a Pepin whore, I had high hopes for La Casita Criolla, but couldn’t understand the rave reviews after I smoked it. It was the opposite for La Duena. Having heard it was terrible, I had low expectations when I smoked the petit robusto. While I didn’t think it was great, I did feel that it was pretty good but didn’t present anything to distinguish itself from other cigars. I certainly preferred it to the LCC. To each his own!

    Thanks for another nice review…Really appreciate the actual writeup since I don’t have time for vids.

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