Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Week in Smoke31 Comments on Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

What a whirlwind of activity lately from Smoke Out Hunger, to my mom having a stroke (she’s recovering at home) to the Stogie Review App for iPhone and Android. I want to thank all of you for your much wanted feedback on the Stogie Review App. We are working with our developer so you can customize notifications so you can choose between getting notification for new posts only or new posts plus new comments. We are also aware that there is a delay between when we publish a new post and when it shows up in the application. We think that delay has to do with the caching system our host uses. Rest assured we are working with our host and our app developer on those issues and other improvements.

A Davidoff Special R to start the night @DavidoffCEO

Davidoff Special R – I’m back on my Davidoff kick! A few times a year I seem to get bitten by the Davidoff bug and just go all out. As you can see with this episode of Week in Smoke, Davidoff has a substantial showing. The Special R is probably my go-to cigar when it comes to Davidoff. Smooth, woodsy, buttery, nutty salty creaminess, slight spice, balance at it’s core, clean, signature Davidoff aroma and just an all-around delectable cigar.

Following up the Special R with a Davidoff Millennium

Davidoff Millennium Blend Robusto – I recently sent a Davidoff Millennium Blend Lancero to Walt as a treat and I was happy to see him enjoy it. Like he described in his review, the Millennium Blend was heavy on the cedar notes with a subtle almost citrus like zing to it. Definitely a fuller bodied experience than the previous Special R.

Smoking a Davidoff Aniversario No 3

Davidoff Aniversario No. 3 – The Aniversario to me seemed just a like a well aged, more mature version of the Davidoff Special Series (like the Special R above). Really clean finish with lots of subtleties that my palate isn’t refined enough to appreciate. Challenging cigar that I feel I’m doing it a disservice by saying its just a more mature Special R.

Adding for Week in Smoke

Davidoff Maduro T – The first and only? maduro cigar bearing the Davidoff name? Dry woodsy and a greenish taste that really didn’t do anything for me. The construction wasn’t up to par either with the cigar failing to stay lit for any meaningful amount of time. Ran my lighter dry of butane throughout the smoke. I didn’t get any distinguishable maduro characteristics and the signature Davidoff aroma was no where to be found. Lackluster experience is putting it mildly. Very disappointing.

Gotta add this to include in next week in smoke.

Davidoff 2013 Year of The Snake – I was so excited to smoke another Year of The Snake again that I didn’t remember to snap a picture of it until it was too late. So I have to reuse a picture from last month. Like I said then, Davidoff is at their best when they are innovating. The Year of The Snake continues to impress me with it’s delicate, crisp and balanced with a great bouquet of floral aromas and a slight honey type sweetness and a peppery smokey woodiness that is rather unique, engaging and challenging.

Mmmm @Room101BigD ... The band says it all.

Room101 Big Delicious – The band really says it all! Big! Delicious! I really haven’t been a fan of a lot Room101 releases since the original Room101 was released (I know I’m in the minority). I don’t know if Matt or Abe is mainly responsible for this blend but it is Big on Delicious! Take an old school Camacho Coyolar, sprinkle a little magical Davidoff ferry dust and you have a blend that hits every spot of your palate. Smooth, spicy, meaty, creamy…its like Prego, it’s in there! What a winner!

A little @caocigars Right Coast action.

CAO Right Coast – First the shape has to go. The trapezoid size never works! It didn’t work for CAO under the previous regime and it didn’t work for Alec Bradley when he first released his Trilogy Series. Trapezoid shape plus a 6.75 x 72 size just makes for an awkward and slightly annoying cigar to cut and smoke. Once you get past those slightly awkward annoying parts, you have a powerhouse of a cigar that for $8 delivers one heck of a uppercut. Strong from beginning to end with an assortment of dark tobacco and mocha notes. Not for the faint of heart. You may need to double up on the blood pressure medicine.

Lets see how the Eminentes sized Headley Grange @3barhuber

Headley Grange Hermoso No. 4 – I wish I could tell you that Headley Grange has won me over. Honesty is the best policy right? Ever feel like you like the people behind a cigar more than you like one of the actual cigars they produce? That is where I am at with the Headley Grange. I love Jon, Mike and Wes. They are great people who I’m proud to call friends (and hope I still can if they read this) and they did a fantastic job with Four Kicks. I love Four Kicks! But for me Headley Grange feels like their version of the sophomore jinx. I’m still going to try all the other sizes to be fair, but right now, the Headley Grange just doesn’t do anything for me and it pains me to say that as I’m always cheering them on from my spot on the sidelines.

Some Juan Lopez action courtesy of @jonathandrew1

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 (Habana) – Thanks to Jonathan Drew for sending me this little morsel! Probably one of the most oily cigars I’ve touched. Similar to that Davidoff Anniversario this is another cigar that my palate probably isn’t mature or worthy enough to fully appreciate it but damn was it fun to smoke! Creamy with lots of heavy woody thick espresso notes that had a smooth but slight peppery finish. What? You could only send me one JD? =)

more good mail @illusione_cigars

Illusione Rothechildes ~r~ – The latest from Dion and Illusione is the Rothechildes. Love the price point. Love the raw gritty inconsistent look. Love the dark, juicy flavor profile! Lots of traditional maduro flavors, dark gritty espresso, dark tobacco, slight spicy woodsiness with a endless syrupy finish. The Rothechildes is one impressive hombre! It was a pleasure to smoke.


31 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. I’m in the same boat with you on the HG #4, it does have a ton of power, but something was amiss on the my palate.

  2. nice write up jerry! im still playing catchup! lol maybe ill get a yr of the snake soon lol

  3. Impressive lineup! That Juan Lopez is fantastic! I whole heartedly agree with you on the new Illusione. The price point makes for it to be an everyday cigar!

  4. Again…not a single Tat in the lineup? What is going on here? LOL

    I’m gonna be all over that Big Delicious!

  5. That CAO Right Coast is crazy! It’s so obscene that I have to try it just to say I did!

    About the HG…I’m with you. Not an impressive followup to the 4K.

    Thanks for the update on the app. I had turn off notifications cause it was getting crazy. The mobile web version in safari is much faster than the app. Just my 2 cents.

  6. I love Week in Smoke. Your videos were great to but when I fall behind it is a lot easier to catchup with Week in Smoke.

    Juan Lopez and Year of The Snake…those two alone make for a great week!

  7. Does Davidoff even visit your site? I would think they are too uppity to slum it with us working class!

    Headley Grange…not sure why other blogs fawn all over it. Its in that crowded field of “okay to pretty good” you’ve talked about. I think a lot of folks get swooped up in the newness of a cigar, the thrill of Jon Huber RT the review or getting swag in the mail. You hit the nail on the head. We like the people and that clouds the assessment. I’m sure other bloggers reading this will disagree with this and thats fine but I agree with your assessment and applaud you for your honesty.

    1. To be honest…I don’t know if anyone from Davidoff is out their checking us out. Maybe Dylan Austin although he normally only pops up when we talk about Camacho than Davidoff.

  8. Great stuff Torpedo! Love the Week in Smoke digest! I have a couple CAO Left Coast, would you want to trade for a couple Right Coast if you have any? I like my cigars big so the size didn’t bother me but you are right, the trapezoid shape has to go. God that Big Delicious is SEXY!

    Can ask a question? How comes you guys are basically the only site that doesn’t have a rating system?

    1. I only bought one to try but will see if there are any left and maybe we can workout a swap.

      Why don’t we have a rating system like other blogs? Mainly cause we aren’t like other blogs. What exactly is the difference between a 89 and a 90? With a rating system it puts the focus on the rating and not the substance of the review IMO.

  9. Jerry – what is the difference between the CAO Right and Left Coast? Different wrapper?

    I respectfully have to disagree with you on the Headley Grange. The original size was super and I haven’t had the chance to try any of the new sizes yet but for me, it has been a consistent go-to cigar.

  10. Jerry you rock will you be my BFF?

    Great week buddy seems like you have fallen for the Davidoff romance again. I personally have never smoked one and at some of those price points I may never. I personally really enjoy the HG but your opinion is very valid and I’m glad you are honest, I’m sure you will have no worries keeping the Crowned Heads boys as your friends as they also love honesty. Great work my man.

  11. Wonderful Week in Smoke! I’m a big Special R fan myself and you did a great job describing it. I will have to find The Year of Snake as it sounds impressive. The Maduro doesn’t do anything for me either. I like that you primarily focus on a particular brand but sprinkle in some randomness.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  12. For a second I thought there was a cool contest or something but its just another exciting Week in Smoke! Bravo Jerry! I would love to see one focused on cigars from Drew Estate if you are taking requests.

  13. Just found your site! I am from Zurich and Davidoff is very popular here. I hope to find Year of Snake soon as many of my American friends have said delightful things about them.

    Can you explain please why Americans like big cigars like that CAO?

    1. Nico,
      There is a small cigar shop not too far from my home. They have been open for a couple of years and went from having a nice mix of vitolas to carrying more 6.00 x 60 than anything else.

      I talked with the owner about it and he says that his customers see it as a better value. They come in, buy one 6×60 and stay for a couple of hours instead of buying 3-4 Coronas in the same timeframe.

      Personally, I don’t care for the format. Some brands do well with blending the larger ring gauges but more often than not I don’t have time to fully enjoy them. They are a bit uncomfortable (both smoking and holding them)

      1. Walt, where’s Mike – Mr. $ per cubic inch – as all this is going down? LOL Actually, he told me that even he is smoking more of the toros nowadays as opposed to the 60 or more, although he might not admit as much to the general public. As for me, anything above 52-54RG is pushing it, unless it’s an oval type.

        As for the Davidoff slut – er, I mean Jerry – quite an impressive week of smokes!

    2. My experience is similar to Walt’s where people say they feel they are getting a better bargain or a better price:tobacco ratio than they do with a corona or robusto. Also like Walt, I’m not a fan of most. I do run across cigars that hold their own in bigger formats but for the most part, I tend to stay in the corona-ish to robusto-ish range.

  14. Jerry,
    Several years ago, before Davidoff bought Camacho, Danielle (who used to work for Davidoff – I’m not sure what her title was but she was awesome) was kind enough to send me a couple of cigars. The package contained mostly Zino product (I don’t really like the Zino Classic) but there were one or two Davidoff White Label varieties as well.

    It has been a long time and I’m not positive, but I think one of those cigars was a Davidoff Anniversario No. 2. To this day, I still think of it as one of the best cigars I’ve ever smoked. I haven’t had one since, mostly because they are well outside of my budget and up until recently there weren’t any Davidoff White Label Dealers around.

  15. Hey Jerry! Awesome episode! You and Walt have some great taste. The Davidoff Anni and Millennium blends are probably the most complex cigars I’ve smoked. Also, I have been pretty wishy washy on the Headley Grange myself. A bit inconsistent and doesn’t finish as good as it starts.

    Ernie from the Left Coast!

  16. So glad to see some Americans have wonderful tastes. Davidoff makes very fine cigars that are better than many Cubans here in Norway. My favorite is the Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2…have you tried?

  17. Hey, Jerry. I don’t get to smoke very many Davidoffs what with the Bentley being in the shop all the time and all the bills from Tiffany and Co. that keep rolling in.. I am enjoying a Pepin Series JJ right now in honor of Familia Cruz.

  18. Walt & Jerry – Do you guys follow Davidoff on Facebook? It appears they are more about Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Journal than they are about bloggers. Its a shame…the audience who read those publications probably already smoke Davidoff. You’d think they would put some resources into the untapped audience that follows new media. Just my 2 cents.

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