Interview with 1502 Cigars

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Interview with 1502 Cigars

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Hello and welcome to another interview, this time with Mr Enrique Sanchez of 1502 cigars. I have had the privelage of being able to get together with a lot of great manufacturers these past few weeks over at Genuine Tobacco (thank you Stephen) and Enrique was no exception. If you have the chance to attend a 1502 Cigars event, go. Enrique is such a great person to just sit and talk with while learning so much about cigars and the philosophy of the enjoyment of life.

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3 thoughts on “Interview with 1502 Cigars

  1. Does the 150 on your jersey refer to your weight? Oh, it’s 1502. OK. I will have to get a couple of them to test out.. Any manufacturer who gears their product to the everyman’s wallet has my vote. Way to go Enrique!

    Nice interview Mike, but I’ve been missing your reviews, man. Don’t go thinking that going to the local to schmooze is going to make up for that. ­čśë

    1. Yea man, I have been missing doing them too. I may have to use one or the other as a separate days post so then you can see more of me lol.

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