La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial

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La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial

La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial

It has been awhile. Call it my winter hibernation but I’m back with another exciting video cigar review. The La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial is the Maduro version of the legendary Cien Años blend. Limited to 7,000 cigars, the La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper (which seems a bit thin to me) and the usual Dominican binder and filler. Available in one size, a 5×50 robusto. I believe the MSRP on it is around $15 but your mileage will vary depending on state and local taxes and I’m sure availability plays a part. I paid around $23 each.

Video runs a little shy of 9:30 as I work off some winter rust. What isn’t shy about the La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial is it’s spectacular clean flavor profile. Lots of well pronounced woody cedar with a slight sweetness and black coffee notes. Loved the peppery sensation that developed on my palate without the actual peppery taste. Smooth and well balanced from beginning to end in that medium-full range for strength but full on in the intensity in which the flavors are delivered and coat your palate. As I point out in the video I did have some tunneling issues that I had to stay on top of before it got out of hand which wasn’t frustrating, just not a fan of babysitting. Some would say price is the major obstacle for the La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial but I think availability is more of a factor. I asked my friend and Assistant Marketing Director at Miami Cigar & Company, Barry Stein, if we would be seeing another release of the La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial in 2013 and while nothing has been decided, if Guillermo ever asks me (you never know, he could), I would say “hell yes, bring it back!”

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21 thoughts on “La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial

  1. Jerry, you seem like the kind of guy that was/is a massive pot head. Your reviews are far more entertaining then the other reviewers, keep em coming.

  2. Yeah! It’s been a long time since I last heard “LONG FUCKIN’ ASHES”!
    Hope to see more reviews soon!

  3. Jerry,

    Thanks for taking the time to smoke and review the La Aurora Cien Años Maduro. Now that I am no longer a blogger, you are indeed the king of the bloggers. LOL. I appreciate your extremely fair review as a cigar smoker, and as the Assistant Director of Marketing for Miami Cigar & Company.

    Friends Always.

  4. Nice review Jerry! Glad to see you out of hibernation and enjoying a fine cigar. You are absolutely right, can’t take em with you. Now if they will just make more so we can all experience them!

  5. You know…I’m one of the guys who always said I liked Week in Smoke better than your videos. I didn’t realize how much I missed your videos until this one. Fantastic job! I imagine if you walked into a B&M and they had this and a Special R you’d go with Cien Anos Maduro?

    Nice job working in iPhone footage. It really added context to the review.

    1. I would buy Pete Johnson Tajuate 10 Year Anniversary first before I think to buy the La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial .

  6. Great review Jerry. I love your statement about why save a cigar for a special occasion, smoke it now and enjoy it. So true.

  7. hey guys just recently lost my lighter and i wondering if you guys have any suggestions on a real nice lighter to buy to replace my old one that i lost on my honeymoon, wife has one strike against her lol jk was a great trip.

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