118 Minutes with Pete Johnson (Complete)

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118 Minutes with Pete Johnson (Complete)

Editors Note: By popular request (and to bump Mike from the front page), we’ve made a playlist of all four parts of 118 Minutes with Pete Johnson so you can view all parts without having to click through the different posts. Thanks for the continued feedback. – Jerry

Pete and I pick up where we left off last year. In this episode of Draper Dialogues, Pete and I go into detail about his small ring gauge offerings, his cigar releases celebrating his 10 Year Anniversary, the history of the 60 plus ring gauge phenomenon, traveling, his wine project, spirit pairings in general, Surrogates Animal Crackers, Black Label Corona Gorda Redux, focusing on regular production, packaging, Monster Series and expansion, travel humidor and all kinds of other goodies to look forward to from Tatuaje and The Workshop. We sprinkled information about upcoming releases throughout the video so to get a complete list of what to look forward to in 2013 and forward you will have to stay tuned to all the parts.

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26 thoughts on “118 Minutes with Pete Johnson (Complete)

  1. thanks for uploading these on YT Jerry, keep em coming. Pete’s an interesting cigar maker and the host is awesome too.

  2. Classic Jerry “that’s what she said”. Love the Afternoon vids, would like to see your review vids back on Youtube

  3. Great job George, Jerry and Pete! Very entertaining and informative for those of us who aren’t “in the know” or one of the lucky 500 SnS members with money to burn. Guess I’m not a real fan of Tatuaje. Its great to be able to get the news straight from Pete, in his own voice and words, and not reading some press release or a slanted reposting from a forum.

    Jerry – maybe this is the way you should release future episodes of Draper Dialogues? One post with all the videos linked together like the above YouTube playlist?

    1. Thanks Tat…thanks for your feedback on the all videos in a playlist option. I like the setup as well so I think next time I’ll give it a try and see what the response is.

      1. Jerry I agree with TatLover…having all the videos in one post like this is the perfect way to watch. Thanks for listening to your viewers and delivering content in so many different ways for us to enjoy.

  4. Another awesome video! Thank you George (and Jerry for filming)!

    I think the question about going back to tradition was a great question. Pete says he’s always been about tradition and I think what the person was asking was what does that say about the industry where following tradition is the way to succeed.

    Do you guys screen who is in the audience? The guy who asked about the Cojonu 2003 and got the wrapper wrong is and idiot. It sounded like the same guy who wanted a smaller Taino…again an idiot. The Taino is just a brown label which has many smaller sizes like the Noella, Petite Cazadores, etc,. Screen the audience questions better…

  5. TatLover,

    Thanks for the comment. SnS is not only for fans of my product but for all cigars. Anyone who has ever smoked my cigars at least once or any cigar brand, I thank for supporting our industry.


    1. Whoa! Thanks for the reply! Its awesome to see you commenting here on SR! My comment wasn’t negative, I’m just jealous is all. Maybe this year will be the year I join. The SnS cigar pack sounds amazing!

    2. Also, I think Chubby Monsters is a better name than Fat Monsters! Also can’t wait for The Little Church!

      Jerry – this is awesome! thanks again!

  6. Love it! Thank you so much George, Jerry and Pete for making this possible.

    Pete – you sound like the real deal and I love that you are rooted in tradition!

    George – your knowledge in so many things is amazing!

    Jerry – thanks for your work on the audio. Its great to hear the questions from the audience.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Janice…the audio from the questions has been the biggest constructive criticism I’ve received from past episodes. Like Pete, we are always trying to deliver an experience for you to enjoy.

  7. Amazing stuff! Props to all involved! I enjoyed it!

    Pete – are there any retailers in Amsterdam that carry Tatuaje? If you are ever in Amsterdam bring Jerry along. Would love to meet and hang out with you both.

  8. Daan – I think if Jerry went to Amsterdam he would be smoking something else…LOL. 🙂

    Nicely done Jerry! Like this ‘all in one’ format too!

  9. You caught the “thats what she said” moment! Not many people did LOL. Thanks for watching and for the support!

  10. Brightman is awesome. I wish I could plug a USB stick into his head and
    download a copy of all his tobacco knowledge.

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