Brick House Maduro by JC Newman Cigar Co.

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Brick House Maduro by JC Newman Cigar Co.

Brick House Maduro Mighty Mighty by JC Newman Cigar Co.

The Brick House by JC Newman Cigar Co. is not a stranger here on Stogie Review. The Brick House has made several appearances in episodes of Week in Smoke. In fact, it is one of my Top 7 Everyday Cigars that I reach for when I can’t decide what I feel like smoking. It is a affordable, consistent, versatile, solid and safe cigar. We didn’t catchup with JC Newman Cigar Co. at IPCPR last year (2012) but they released a Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro version in their best selling Brick House size, the Mighty Mighty (6.25 x 60). After the show, sometime in September, the folks at JC Newman were nice enough to send me a few samples of the new Brick House Maduro and more recently, they have made an appearance on the shelves of W.Curtis Draper (Bethesda). The State of Maryland has some messed up tobacco tax so while the Brick House Maduro has an MSRP of $5.95, us Marylanders can look to pay around $7.

Video runs 8:25 and just like its Sun Grown predecessor (I keep calling it the Natural version in the video even though it is a sun grown wrapper) the Brick House Maduro is affordable, consistent, versatile, solid and an overall safe cigar. That is not a knock on the Brick House Maduro whatsoever. Consistency matters and in a time when there are so many limited editions flooding the market, blend consistency from year-to-year is often overlooked. Solid construction, medium in body and in depth of flavor. Profile wise I liken it to a mocha frappuccino; lite, sweet, creamy, espresso, blended to have a consistent flavor profile from first to last puff. My only complaint is that the Maduro is only available in the Mighty Mighty size. I’m hoping this year we see a line extension to have the Maduro available in similar sizes to it’s predecessor, like my personal favorite, the robusto.


14 thoughts on “Brick House Maduro by JC Newman Cigar Co.

  1. Enjoyable review Jerry. Would love to see you review the El Baton. I think the Brick House is a bit too safe for my tastes. I don’t have a lot of free time, maybe enough time to smoke 2-3 cigars a week (I know thats a typical evening for you) and I usually reach for something thats more memorable.

  2. I think the flavor I like from a cigar is in the maduro family, I have had NUB maduro an loved it, I had the longer BrickHouse Maduro, and like it. What would you recommend to a guy who likes maduro cigars?

  3. just got my first brickouse maduro in a Thompson cigar co. monthly 5-pack. this thing is huge, giving off big amts of smoke, nice

  4. spend $80.00 and buy a Padron 1926 series Maduro Sampler. you get 4 or 5 cigars that range from a petit toro, torpedo, robusto, and toro gordo. I remember smoking the big No. 1 that was like 7 1/2″ x 56 and getting huge clouds of mild, tasty smoke that came with an effortless draw. It was amazing, so you need to try that sampler if u want a nice maduro. Thompson Cigar Co. recommended and sent me the cigars and I’ve been using them ever since

  5. Jerry,

    Enjoy your reviews. Long time cigar smoker (40+years). I like the
    Brickhouse cigars, great value. Have not tried this 6×60 and also not a fan
    of that large ring size, but like the others in the brand line. Your
    description “steady as she goes” very apropos. Your videos are very
    friendly, informative, entertaining and articulate. Maybe I’m just an old
    goat but the sign off language is sort of off-putting, not consistent with
    the otherwise very friendly tone of rest of video.
    Just my two cents. Thanks for your efforts. It is appreciated.

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