Nomad Cigars Fugitive II

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Nomad Cigars Fugitive II

Nomad Fugitive II 004 (394x600)

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Dominican/secret
Filler : Dominican/secret
Source : Sent to me by Nomad Cigar Company

Hello all. This week you will get my opinion of the Nomad Cigars Fugitive II. This is the follow-up to the original Fugitive that was a limited edition and no longer available. This comes in a six inch perfecto shape. I read on the website that Fred hid some away so if you really like the original, bug the hell out of him to get some.


Taking a snout full of the Nomad Cigars Fugitive II and there is a very strong barnyard and hay scent on the wrapper with hardly anything on the foot, while the cold draw produces earth and hay. Cigar seems very well constructed. Be careful lighting this do to the perfecto shape, I burnt the first one I smoked, partially because I am an idiot and partially because I had the flame to darn close. Lit up this one with no problem and away we go.

First Half

Starting off the Nomad Cigars Fugitive II with a bunch of woodiness and earthiness but after a few puffs some hay and spice came into the mix. Cigar really settles down after about an inch with a creamy smooth spice and wood taste that comes through nicely on the retrohale. Cigar stayed consistent through the first half never getting above a medium body and staying with the creamy spice as the dominant taste.

Second Half

Heading down the stretch of this Nomad Cigars Fugitive II that is really giving a nice flavor profile that hits my palette point on. Nothing strong yet but the full flavor that has a creaminess to it hits the spot nicely. Not a whole lot to report as I head into the final couple inches as t he cigar is really burning well and the taste wonderfully spicy while staying medium bodied. At the end the spice is getting a lot sharper and the creaminess has almost gone away. Getting a little bitter at around an inch to go. Got into the full range just slightly towards the finish but for the most part it was a medium cigar with lots of spicy flavor.

I would not recommend pairing something real heavy with this cigar as I think the libation would overpower everything but the spice and take something away from the experience, especially in the first half to two thirds.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I think the Fugitive II is a great follow up to the original and honestly, I think I like the II a bit more due to the nice creamy spice that dominated the cigar.

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3 thoughts on “Nomad Cigars Fugitive II

  1. Sounds nice, Mike. I havent been able to get a hold of any Nomads. Don’t know if they’ve showed up in my area yet, but I will have to check. I’ve heard good things about the Vagabond. Thanks for the review.

  2. Mike as always great review buddy, glad to see you back in front of the Camera. I haven’t had these yet but they look and sound like they would be a nice stick to keep around. Thanks again

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