Nomad Cigars – Fugitive (Joint Review)

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Nomad Cigars – Fugitive (Joint Review)

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Over the last couple of months, Mike and I have been talking with Fred “Godfadr” Rewey, CEO of Nomad Cigar Company, on Twitter. Fred was kind enough to offer us some samples to try and Mike and I discussed doing a joint review with those samples.

Like the well oiled machine that we are, Mike and I never discussed which sample we would review together. Fortunately, out of sheer coincidence we both saved a large figurado, The Fugitive, for last. The video below outlines our combined experience with this cigar. As you’ll see in the video, Mike’s experience was rather different than my own.

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9 thoughts on “Nomad Cigars – Fugitive (Joint Review)

  1. Good to see you two back again doing joint reviews. Haven’t heard of this stick but it seems like it would fly under my rader. Def. need more of these types of review I like the interaction… Hope all is well.

  2. The Nomad Cigars Fugitive is ($4)a new cigar. They should be $ 80or less per box. They are not the La Aurora Preferido yet so that the Nomad Cigar is a low end cigar class……Thanks Mike and Walt for the cigar review.

  3. Good job guy’s, Mike, I’m like you, for that amount of money there are to many good cigars out there to chose from.Thanks to both of you for your honest opinions.

  4. Love the dual reviews, but inconsistency in construction is a problem for me, especially at these prices. I do enjoy Godfadr’s blog, though. Thanks guys.

  5. i would have been very disappointed for that price! that being said, maybe that’s why in scared of buying expensive sticks

  6. Nice review fellas. Not so sure I’d buy despite the dichotomy in the experience between the two of you. Twelve bones is a lot, and should guarantee an awesome experience….which this doesn’t appear to do. Oh well. Anyhow, Walt, what torch are you using there? I need that lighter!

  7. Hey guys, first off, great review – love the format. Next time throw me in the mix for a three-way (ok, that just didn’t sound right at all).

    Thanks for the love on the Robusto. That is really a size that has grown on me. I would also put the Torpedo as a close second (since you have the ability to cut it to your own liking).

    As for the LE Fugitive…

    Unlike some cigar makers out there (ok, most) , this stuff does not go unnoticed, so I wanted to address a few things that came up in this review.

    First off, in answer to your question, the LE Fugitive was limited to 500 boxes. In the time it takes to roll this size, 2-3 other cigars could have been finished. The challenge with that size is exactly what Walt ran into. I have found about 2-3 per 100 have this problem.

    Although under 2 percent is an acceptable standard to some other cigar manufactures, it is not to me – and no one wants to be the “lucky” one getting that stick.

    The “heat” problem Walt identified is amplified by trying to avoid the very same thing he pointed out in the beginning – not crunching extra tobacco down at the tips. Oftentimes this “furnace” effect will go unnoticed or self-correct in another size. That is not the case here and once you have that effect, all bets are off on getting the right smoking experience.

    That said, nothing is perfect when dealing with nature. The highest standards can be implemented and occasionally things like this still find their way to market – you local cigar shop should ALWAYS replace a cigar that has this type of burn – or stop buying them! Rest assured, it will happen but we will continue to do everything we can to minimize it – always.

    Lastly, the LE Fugitive is far more expensive than the rest of the line – mostly due to a variety of reasons unrelated to tobacco cost (time to roll, store, age, etc). I would suggest to readers that they check out some of the other sizes you mentioned.

    As always, I stay in touch, personally, with Nomad buyers. You can always contact me at or catch me at a cigar event. I love getting the compliments and hear where people are smoking Nomad Cigars (pics are cool) – I also always want to hear if something is not right.

    All the best,

    Fred “Godfadr” Rewey
    Nomad Cigar Company

    1. Thanks for a great response, Godfadr. It’s not often that you see such an open and honest take by a manufacturer regarding his own product. I’ll be ordering a sampler as soon as I can shake loose some change.

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