Mike’s New and Wanted Stuff

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Mike’s New and Wanted Stuff

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Not much to this writeup but I wanted to get something up for you this week as I am suffering from allergies something fierce. I wish I could have done a cigar review but I don’t want to do one just on my notes without tasting the cigar I am reviewing. I think it does a disservice to you and myself.

I decided to give you a glimpse at some of the items i have procured in the past couple months, from cigars to accessories, and to show you some of the items I would like to purchase in the future. Looking forward to your comments on everything included so you might help guide me to, or away from, some of the items I am thinking of buying.

I do apologize again for not having a cigar review and I hope this allergy onset goes away quickly so I can go back to enjoying cigars!

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8 thoughts on “Mike’s New and Wanted Stuff

  1. Like you would ever send an electronic humidor back, lol!

    Great segment, buddy,; there are always a shitload of new things that we would all like to check out. The 601 ashtray would go to the top of my list, as I am or the most part,a solitary smoker. My brother gave me one of those Venturi single glass carburators, and as much as I appreciate it, I just don’t see the point as opposed to just swirling the wine in the glass. The AB lighter is something I could get behind. A nice unhurried toast would be a nice thing to be able to do.

    A lot of great possibilities there. Thanks!

  2. I got a wine-a-dor and it works perfectly fine for me. Throw in a couple of cedar boxes and planks and bada-bing bada-boom. I put my decent smokes in there and the godly-smokes go in the regular humidor.

  3. I totally want that NM car humidor! That’s awesome. I’ve also always wanted that limited LFD Air Bender humidor that’s a big curing shed or something … thatched roof building. Looks really cool!

  4. HI Mike I have a wine cooler that is in a room that stays
    pretty noraml and it works great for a $40 flea market deal I do
    keep it unplugged, but overall I love it. I also have a standing
    stinky ash tray that is great. Not to force anything on anyone but
    you have to get one its almost a life changing experience. Check
    out the Cigar monster at famous super deals on them from time to

  5. I got one of those xukar v cutters recently and I like it a lot. I have one of their punch cutters too that I keep on my keychain. Between those two, I use my regular xikar cutter a lot less now. Personally, I think a climate-controlled humidor might be nice but too pricey and perhaps not necessary. A coolidor, and a couple of large humidors may be enough for long-term storage (keep them in a dark closet). I use a combo of water pillows, beads, and even spent bovida packets to keep the humidity stable. And then a couple of desktop humidors so I don’t open my big ones but once every 2-3 months to check on the smokes, get some out, and add humidity.

  6. Hey Mike great video buddy, I need to pick up one of those Xikar cutters I love a good V cut I’m way behind on my Cigar toys. I tend to spend the money on the sticks instead of the toys. I use my Palio cutter for everything and I love that bad boy. I run into a problem in the summer with out central air our house is always hot so I keep my stick in the basement but now the Humi % is over 70 so I need to figure something out. Thanks for the video.!

  7. Vacation for a month? Thought you never left that basement. Kidding
    Great video. Would also love to get that v cutter

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