Romeo Y Julieta House of Montague

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Romeo Y Julieta House of Montague

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Romeo Y Julieta House of Montague. With a name like that, it makes a man feel as though he should smoke it with his pinky finger extended towards the heavens, in a show of class and sophistication. In addition to the fancy name, it isn’t packaged half bad either. It features a white wrapper with silver artwork which looks great.

I came by the Romeo Y Julieta House of Montague cigar as a free sample from Famous Smoke Shop in my latest Cigar Monster order. It is nice to get a little freebie tossed in an order from time to time. Had I not received this free sample, I probably would have never smoked this line from Romeo Y Julieta.

With me running low on reviewable cigars, I decided to fire up the camera and do a down and dirty First Impressions video. I had high hopes for the Romeo Y Julieta House of Montague and wanted it to be the cigar that brought me back to the Romeo Y Julieta line. It has been years since I’ve smoked one.

I hate to say it but, before I smoked half the cigar I had to call the review. I found the smoke to have a pungent sort of pine nuts aftertaste that lingered. Being as I absolutely hate pine nuts, I couldn’t get past it. Each puff was worse than the one before. To make matters worse, the finish was dry and seemed to amplify the aftertaste.

I considered soldiering on and taking one for the team but it went from bad to worse. The smoke became acrid and prompted both a headache and sore throat. In the taste department, this cigar was terrible and I was getting absolutely no enjoyment out of it.

On the bright side, the construction characteristics of the Romeo Y Julieta House of Montague were great. The cigar produced a light colored ash that held firm. The burn line was thin and even while producing a decent volume of smoke. The finish was dry, as mentioned before, and the body fell into the mild to medium range.

In a nutshell, the cigar was built well and had good looking packaging. As they say though, you don’t smoke a cigar for the packaging. I wish I had better things to say about the Romeo Y Julieta, unfortunately I knew everything I needed to before I hit the half way mark and had to call it quits.

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5 thoughts on “Romeo Y Julieta House of Montague

  1. Walt, I also got one of these in a recent Monster order, and now I’m REALLY looking forward to it, lol! I like pine nuts, so who knows? I believe these are a Famous exclusive. Thanks for the honest take.

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