2007 Ramon Allones Small Club Corona

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2007 Ramon Allones Small Club Corona

RA Small Club Corona

Many years ago, when I joined a forum, which I’m still an active member of, Cigar Weekly, I started learning a lot more about Cuban cigars.  One of the things I learned was that one of the best vitolas in Cubans cigars is the petit corona.  The short, usually 30 minute smokes, pack a ton of flavor in a small package.  Since then, I’ve often turned to the petit corona for my Cuban fix which were mainly Partagas Shorts.  The cigar I’m reviewing today is the Ramon Allones Small Club corona.  It’s one that I haven’t smoked much of, but it is hugely popular.  Lets take a look at the specifics:

  • Size:  4.3 x 42
  • Wrapper:  Cuba
  • Binder:  Cuba
  • Filler:  Cuba
  • MSRP:  $6.00


The cigar is surprising well made.  Cubans, these days, are bad with their spotty construction.  The cap is well applied and the wrapper looks nice and relatively smooth.  The pre-light draw was a little loose, but still nothing too bad.

First half

The cigar burned very well and held a decent ash before I tapped it off.  Initially, I got flavors of cedar, cashews, light roast coffee and a hint of spice.  Nice flavors in such a small package.  The cigar is rather full bodied as well.  The finish on the palate is quite long as well which lasted for several minutes.

Final half

In the final half, the flavor remained mostly the same. I kind of expected that considering the size.  The only difference is that the cigar got more bitter, a lot more bitter.  The light roast coffee note went straight to full Italian roast coffee with the cedar, cashew and light spice notes.  Still, overall, I’m enjoying the flavors.

Overall Impressions

The Ramon Allones Small Club corona was a winner, but for me, in Cuban cigars, the petit coronas are always winners.  This cigar gets overshadowed by its big brother, the Specially Selected, which is one of my all time favorite robustos.  That is a shame because this cigar is a stellar smoke.  Its biggest problem is that its in a crowded line up with the likes of Partagas Petit Corona, Montecristo No. 4, Bolivar Petit Coronas, San Cristobal De La Habana El Principe, Cohiba Siglo II and Por Larranaga Petit Coronas which are all stellar smokes themselves.  Even competing with the Partagas Short, demi corona, which is a favorite of mine.  Still, this cigar is a winner and something well worth stockpiling as aging did this cigar well.  Don’t overlook this cigar.  Give it a try.  I’m sure you will be impressed.


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