1502 Emerald

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1502 Emerald


It has been sometime since I’ve done a video review. Inspired by Walt who has made a return to doing video reviews I decided to do the same. I actually forgot how much fun it can be and not as labor intensive as I remembered it being. So this should be the first of many more to come. I make my “return” to video reviews with a review of the 1502 Emerald. Up until last week 1502 Cigars wasn’t even on my radar until my good friend @Humidormuse placed a Ruby and a Black Gold in my travel humidor while we were trading cigars. Little did I know that sometime at the beginning of this year, Gary Griffith (who distributes the cigar for maker Enrique Sanchez) had sent me a care package containing a pair of Emerald and Black Gold. Like many care packages that I get, I tend to open them up and place them in a humidor and get to it when I can…often times, I unintentionally forget about them.

Video runs a little under 11 minutes and I found the entire line of 1502 Cigars to be innovative and refreshing. Many have said that we are in the “golden age” of cigars. There really aren’t many “bad” cigars in the market today. With so much access to quality grown and fermented tobacco out there it would take a cluster fuck to make a “bad” cigar in 2013. The downside to this is that there are so many “pretty good” to “okay” cigars with very little distinction between them. A lot of cigars on the market today tend to taste the same making “great” or “memorable” cigars a hard commodity to come across. This isn’t the case with 1502 Cigars. Whether it is the Emerald, Ruby or Black Gold each delivers something dynamic, unique and versatile experience to today’s cigar smoker. Whether you like medium, medium-full or full bodied, 1502 has you covered. Beginner or experienced palate doesn’t matter, 1502 has something for everyone. I’m more in the Emerald and Ruby flavor wheelhouse but the Black Gold isn’t one to sleep on if you are looking for some interesting peppery notes. Like I said, innovative and refreshing all around.


16 thoughts on “1502 Emerald

  1. When I’m about 99% ready to give up on this website, here comes Jerry with another fantastic review. I’ve been a lurker for quite a long time and a cigar smoker since the early nineties. I have thoroughly enjoyed your reviews Jerry….even those from your archives. I’ve followed some of the history here and I wish you nothing but a brighter future ahead. Thanks for coming back.

    1. Chad – thanks for sticking with us! Its been a rough year for Walt and I and months later he and I doing our best to get back to what makes Stogie Review like no other cigar site out there!

  2. Welcome back, Jerry! Awesome review man! Hope to see more from you in the future! I look forward to everyone’s reviews on here, love this site, thank you for doing what you guys do! Now if only we could get Charlie back, but he’s busy w/ Clavin or Calvin or something like that! For now, we’re happy that THE GREAT TORPEDO IS BACK!

  3. Every time I hear Oui Parle Francais it reminds me of good times from the past. Good to see another review.

  4. Totally agree with your assessment of the state of cigars these days…don’t come across many if any that are bad…lots of ones that are good…would smoke again but not going to go out and actively seek again or buy a box…and then the ones that stand out…when you come across those, you know…and you appreciate them even more.

    Thanks for the review!

  5. Jerry,

    Thanks for the great review for all of our customers. Since we are a 1502 Lounge. We appreciate all the help and reviews for Enrique. Hope to have a smoke with you soon in the finest Lounge in Lancaster County.


  6. Jerry,

    Thank you for the great review on 1502. Being the finest shop in Lancaster County and America’s 2nd 1502 Lounge hand picked by Enrique. We appreciate every review you do for 1502. Hope to see you at D&S sometime for a smoke on us.


  7. Good to see a new review. Like the framing and focus on your video. It’s really quite impressive to see how the production quality of your video has improved over time.

  8. Hey Jerry, I’m not trying to plug myself on your channel or anything, but I just smoked the graycliff 30 year vintage last night, and I posted my review on my channel if you were interested. It’s a very impressive cigar.

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