Herfin’ Heads: Sam Leccia – Black and White

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Herfin’ Heads: Sam Leccia – Black and White

In this very special Ebony & Ivory edition of Herfin’ Heads, Ben and Brian have a few laughs, cover both the Sam Leccia Black and White lines and learn a thing or two. OK, we probably didn’t learn anything beyond how wrong our expectations were for both lines. That turns out to be a good thing and a bad thing. But I won’t spoil it, click on the play button below for the full story.

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6 thoughts on “Herfin’ Heads: Sam Leccia – Black and White

  1. I also had the SL White. As with Brian’s cigar, I too had that citrusy, bitter-y, component. I don’t know what it is/ was. The flavor just stood out and lingered on the palate. Great review, Brian and Ben!

  2. I like the White Sam Leccia a lot. I have not smoked the Black Sam Leccia . If you want to buy a box of the Black or White Sam Leccia check out the HilandsCigars.com. They have cheaper price there.

  3. Man, I would love if you could just write up a very short conclusion on your video reviews. I just don’t have the time to view them but would still like to know your opinion

    1. Sure. Briefly, Ben was surprised and liked the Black a great deal, I was also surprised by really not liking the White. Ben agreed on the White. Since this video I’ve also retried the Black and agree with Ben, it’s a good, really well blended cigar.

      1. Wow, thanks. I really didn’t expect you to do that! Honestly, I was hoping to really love the Black because of the cool fire cured tobacco, but ultimately found that White to be preferable. The White was very creamy.

        Thanks again!

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