RyJ from Romeo y Julieta

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RyJ from Romeo y Julieta

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Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan (Double Binder)
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Bought box at shop and got 3 samples in mail

Welcome to this weeks condensed written review of the RyJ by Romeo y Julieta. This cigar comes in three sizes, Bully Grande (5×54), Toro (6×52 – this is the review stick) and Piramide (6 1/8×52). Prices range from $8 to $8.75 MSRP.


Lost my original writeup so you get a condensed version. Check out the video for more in depth blatherings if you so prefer.

Started off this RyJ with tobacco, wood and spice with a tight draw. halfway through and the draw is still tight and I have had to relight about 3 or 4 times due to trying to reduce puffing as the cigar is getting really hot. I will mention that the one sample I smoked had a looser draw than any of the ones I have smoked from my box purchase. Coincidence, I don’t know.

Rounding out the cigar it was just too tight of a draw to get many flavors. Relighting a couple more times happened and bitterness and heat came into play. The one that was a nice loose draw had nice nutty, sweetness with a creamy smoke that was really nice.


Would I buy it again? Depends if they have a looser draw or not. I do not like the tight draw that has been in every one I smoked from the box I purchased and I hope with a bit of time they will loosen up. With the looser drawing one it was a great smoke and really one of the best Romeo y Julieta smokes I have had. Try one before jumping into a box so you know if they are drawing tight or not.

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I am just me.

14 thoughts on “RyJ from Romeo y Julieta

  1. Your the consumer, I would take the box back to the store, and get a store credit towards something else. $ 160 plus for a box you should not have to suffer thru your cigar. You could try a straight cut, but if the cigar feels rock hard you probably won’t have much luck.

    1. I thought of that after the video, using a straight cut, but I was thinking the same thing about it being so hard packed that it may not help. I will try it though, maybe today!

  2. thanks for the review awesome as always I was considering buying this stick but the tight draw you were talking about .makes me glad I didn’t I don’t like to fight my cigar to enjoy it makes me feel like a cartoon character. thanks again Mike keep smoking

    1. I would try one to see how they are. I smoked another one of they sent me and it was a great open draw. I want to smoke another from my box as soon as I have some time to see if it is a tight draw still.

      Will keep you all updated.

  3. Is it true that Altadis was offering a free box of cigars for reviews? Did that play into your decision to review it?

    1. LOL – a free box of cigars for review? No, they sent me three samples as I mentioned but I bought 1 and then the box at my local shop with my own money. I never heard anything about them giving away a box of cigars for a review.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Hippie!! There are few things worse then a plugged cigar. I hope time in the humi will open them up for you. I will be smoking nothing but the best Devils Weeds on Turkey Day!!! Hope all is well we need to get together soon!


  5. just finishing the 2nd stick from a new box / these stogies are not as advertised would not purchase again

    /badbad Burne no taste re lights 4 times ????

  6. I was reading this review while smoking a Bully… Had very similar issues with the draw. Finishing this required multiple re-lights & ended up being an less than enjoyable smoke.

    Of the handful of sticks I picked up, this was one of the pricier ones (budget smoker here!) & the most disappointing.

  7. I just smoked the free sample RJY that was included with another order..

    I was pleasantly surprised by the stick. It was smooth, rich and spicy. The draw was excellent, so maybe they’ve improved their process.

  8. Not my favorite Cigar but not bad,not bad at all. Smoked great all the way trough the Cigar with a consistent taste, not to strong just mellow. Enjoyed the sample. Probably will buy again,and would give a thumbs up to the Cigar.

  9. I received the Piramide sample to test. Was a surprise, I seemed to enjoy it just a little more than the other RyJToro. Don’t know why and can’t explain. Cigar smoked very well. Same burn all the way trough. Very good Cigar and definitely would recommend this Cigar to buy.Thumbs up to Thompson Cigar Company.

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