Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

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Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

I’m 36 years old these days. One of the hardest aspects I deal with is people passing. Whether it is The Little Robusto, my Uncle Charlie, my brother or even now, my Lola (Filipino grandmother). While technically not my Lola (she was actually my wife’s Lola) but she treated me as if I was. She passed away last weekend at 87 years old. While we knew it was coming, it still felt sudden.

I don’t have too many memories of my own grandparents (on either side) and I think thats why I cherish the ones I have with Michelle’s Lola. My dad is the youngest of sixteen. He was born in 1939 and his own father passed away in 1943 and his mom in 1971 right before my oldest brother was born. My mom is the oldest of five. I vaguely remember a trip to her island when I was 6 or 7 and another time when they came to visit us when I was around 13-14. There was a language barrier and as a teenager, I was more concerned with trying to “fit in” and be “cool” than to connect with them.

I don’t know exactly where I am going with this but to say, life is always way too short.

Must be going by Guam time. Stella with A @ajfcigars The Bull with The Chief (my dad).

San Lotano ‘The Bull’ – Impressive. Woodsy and a bit of syrupy cinnamon like spice at the core with heafty dosage of power behind it. Cool draw and a sharp burn. AJ Fernandez continues to have the pulse of the industry by delivering another gem with The Bull. Unique, balanced, challenging and most of all…enjoyable.

Some Clash of Clans paired with a nicely aged La Vieja Habana @drewestatecigar

La Vieja Habana by Drew Estate – I know what you are thinking? Which wrapper? I’m no cigar historian (where is George Brightman when you need him?) but I believe before ACID was La Vieja Habana which was Drew Estates first cigar being sold in their NYC kiosk. I’m not sure when, maybe around 2007-2008 La Vieja was split into three different wrappers. This La Vieja Habana is from before that split. Enjoyable smoke…not much to write home about. Mostly cedar notes from sitting at the bottom of the humidor for years. Probably its best years behind it but like I said, I enjoyed smoking it.


Cubanacan Habano Chatos – Hi Lawrence! Cubanacan hasn’t gotten much love from us the past few years. I think we lumped them together with Tarazona Cigars. I never really knew the complicated relationship but hey, it doesn’t matter now since they separated. Little known fact, Cubanacan is a completely vertical company. They grow their own tobacco, have their own factory, own sales force…you name it, they do it. The Cubanacan Habano Chatos is a must try. Beautiful cigar that delivers a nice earthy woodsy experience with some sweet and spicy notes on the finish to round things out.


George Rico Miami S.T.K. American Puro – Wonderful vanilla like nuances with an incredible smokiness that really opens your palate up. Now you have a lot of choices these days with fire cured tobacco with the Kentucky Fired Cured by Drew Estate and the Sam Leccia Black and they are hard to compare in my opinion. Some say a little fire cured goes a long way, some say the more the merrier. All I know is George Rico’s American Puro hit on all cylinders without being overbearing or in your face.

Some Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary action.

Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary – We all know the long running joke about the Rare Corojo…the corojo is so rare that the cigar doesn’t have any in it. Well, not true on this 2011 limited edition Punch Rare Corojo made in celebration of it’s 10th Anniversary. Time has treated this cigar nicely as the flavors are still crisp and balanced with mainly earthy cedar tones and some verynice toasty notes on the finish.


4 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. nice week, sorry to hear of a loss jerry. i am the same way as i dont have any grand parents,so i love deb’s grand parents like they are mine.

  2. Picked up The Bull last night…excellent cigar! Like you said, truly a gem. Will be picking up more. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Holy awesome beard Batman!

    Sorry to hear about your wife’s grandmother…but man, thats a nice looking beard.

    I think the American Puro is probably the better of the three fire cured cigars out there with The Black a close second. Would love to see you fire up a KFC and hear your thoughts.

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