Illusione Rothchildes

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Illusione Rothchildes

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Wrapper : Mexican San Andreas
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Bought at local shop


Welcome to my review on the Illusione Rothchildes. This cigar is available in one size, 4.5 x 50, and comes in cabinets of 50. MSRP is $4.68 a stick so $234.00 a box.

Not much on the pre-light so lets just jump into it shall we.

Spicy sweet up front with a bit of a nutty taste and a woody note. Spice is pretty strong in the beginning. Straight up medium cigar all around at this point but the flavor is ramping up quickly to full flavor.

Ash held on nicely for the first inch then tended to get a bit flakier. Burn was perfect the entire way.

Sweet taste in this cigar reminds me of a fruity sweetness but not a citrus fruit. Maybe a duller sweetness like a grape would be a good way to describe it. Spice dwindles away a bit but comes back towards the end and the nutty taste really only poked its head up around the beginning of the cigar. wit the woody taste taking its place fully. Some have been nuttier than others but the woody profile is nice with the sweet spice.

To be truthful, I have smoked a ton of these and I get different flavors here and there on different sticks but the core woody with sweet spice is always to be found. It is a fun smoke for under an hour, depending on how fast you smoke.

If you watched the video I mentioned Jerry had this cigar as his top cigar of the year and if I would not have been moving and had done a top list, this Illusione Rothchildes would have tied with the J.D. Howard Reserve for my top spot. You have to try this cigar.


Would I buy it again? Oh hell yes. I am looking at buying another box of 50 as soon as I have a bit of room in my humidors and the funds can be found.

Seriously, why are you still reading this instead of heading to the car to go grab some of these Illusione Rothchildes at your local b&m? Great price point and great flavor!. I have not had anyone say they did not like these out of the local guys that have tried them.

I am just me.

5 thoughts on “Illusione Rothchildes

  1. Thanks for a great review, Mike, of a cigar that is a big favorite around here. The Illusion Rothchildes was picked by several cigar aficionados in our very informal “#TCTop3” social media poll early in 2014, and obviously you can see why. Glad to have them reliably back in stock.

    One more note: We had to laugh that you are “finding stragglers in humidors scattered around your house.” Ha ha! Now THERE is a problem a lot of cigar-lovers would love to have! We’re all playing the world’s tiniest violin for you right now. Dude… how many humidors do you have that you can’t keep track of ’em all? Pretty sweet setup you must have there. 😉

  2. Mike great review, although I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet there isn’t much Dion sticks that I don’t like. Can’t wait to find one of these.

  3. These are excellent smokes, and when u consider the price it’s just unreal.
    One can get better/different flavors from the r by taking smaller puffs. I had to point this out to a friend when I gave him one; he wouldn’t believe me at first but he learned it to be true.

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