Reunion Digestivo

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Reunion Digestivo

Digestivo 003 (600x400)

Wrapper : Mexican San Andres
Binder : Secret proprietary
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : sent from manufacturer


Starting out with this Reunion Digestivo and there is barnyard scent from foot and wrapper while a hay taste on the cold draw. I am smoking this corona gorda size just like I did for the Aperitivo last week. Sizes are the same but the wrapper is San Andreas maduro with the binder being proprietary and the filler from Nicaragua.

First Half

Used a v-cut and lit up this Reunion Digestivo with ease. Started off with bitter coffee, salt and wood. Not much power up front but we will see how long that lasts. At about an inch in the coffee turned a little sweeter and it amazes me how much salt taste I am getting. Flavor is a lot more sharp rather than smooth and creamy. Not much flavor change either and I am past the first third.

Second Half

At halfway of this Reunion Digestivo and there is still some sweet coffee with a salty spice and a woody base. Power still has not ramped up like the other size I smoked. Full flavor but still low medium power. Ash has held on nicely and no touch ups have been needed as of yet. My prediction has come true with the wood taste taking over the coffee. Some of the salty taste has died down but is still present. Cigar has started getting a little warm so I am slowing down to try and let it cool off and see if the flavors change. After slowing down on smoking the sweet coffee flavor came back and held its own against the wood taste. Salt disappeared but a hint of spice remained. Still surprised at the lack of power in this size. Seems the corona gorda is my favorite so far for both cigars.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I would take the Apertivo over this one but I do believe they compliment each other very well and would be a great addition to anyone’s humidor. Very impressed by these corona gordas in the initial cigar release from Bodega Premium Blends.

I am just me.

3 thoughts on “Reunion Digestivo

  1. It a San Andres wrapper, Not San Andreas. It’s from the San Andres valley in the Los Tuxtlas area of Veracruz, Mexico

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. I typed it up on my tablet so I don’t know if it was the auto spell correct or just my stupidity. Fixed now.

  2. This sounds more like a before dinnet smoke to me. I dont much care for spicy type flavours my after dinner smokes as much as i love the spicy flavours in my cigars. How ever this does sound like one cigar I would add to my must try list oof cigars and smoke more as just a relaxing on mydeck with friends.
    Thanks for an awesome review on this one but I would probably want the apartivo over this one. I probably spelled it wrong but who cares. Looking forward to your next review.

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