Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte

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Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte

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When was the last time you considered smoking a Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte? I know, it is practically an old-timey cigar that isn’t hip anymore. Chances are, you’ve been walking past them in your local cigar shop for years and didn’t even realize it.

Even though I haven’t smoke a Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte in years, the line is still dear to my heart. It was actually the first box purchase I ever made. The brand hadn’t even crossed my mind until I stumbled onto a 10 Count Special for $19.99. With a wave of nostalgia washing over me, I placed an order.

When my order arrived, I was a like skeptical. Would the brand be all that I remembered it to be? The telltale dull red band was somewhat comforting and I began me pre-light ritual. The pre-light draw was a little stiff but everything else was on par with what I expected.

As smoke rolled off the freshly toasted foot, I took a puff. It felt like I was slapped in the face with spice. So far, the cigar was a bit bolder than I remembered but I kept at it. In time, things mellowed out and the flavor emerged. Leather, spice, a little woodiness, and a creamy texture brought back fond memories.

While the Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte won’t win any awards, it is every bit as good as I remember. It is a no-frills cigar that performs above its pay-grade. I like to think of it like a $2 cigar that smokes like a $4 cigar. For the money, this is something I would strongly recommend.

In a completely unrelated note, the video for this review is what I like to think of as Going Back to Basics. I turned the camera on and just ran with it. I didn’t care about video length and just enjoyed myself. I must say, it feels damn good to record a video like we did in the good old days when runtime wasn’t an issue.

Chances are good that most of you will browse away from the video long before it finishes but I’m not worried. This is the type of video that got Stogie Review where we are today. I’m planning on returning to this style of recording. I realize it isn’t everyones cup of tea but it is what I like to do and it is far cheaper than a therapist.

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14 thoughts on “Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte

    1. Teun,
      I’m still amazed at how much fun I had recording this way. You can count on more of them in the future.

      Thanks for the comment

  1. Sounds like a great stick for the price gotta get me a couple and try em out. Thanks for the review hope eveything works out well with the move.

    1. Steve,
      The Sancho Panza Maduro used to be a great cigar as well. I came across one recently, buried in my humidor, I’ll have to light it up and report back.


  2. Hey, Walt, I started smoking these way back when after a favorable mention on your site. Excellent value. I also love the old-style reviews, and I know this will be great even before viewing it. Keep it real, man.

  3. Hey Walt…As someone who has been with you all at least six years I would love stogie review to take a step back in time and do more videos like this. Really miss your longer videos.

    This was such a treat

    There was a time I would always check stogie review every single day without fail but these last couple of years I may just check in once a month and found I have not missed much.

    So anyway, my point! Would love to see more videos like this again. Almost brings a tear to my eye.


    1. Brian,
      Thanks for the kind words. Comments like yours have inspired me to fire up the camera again. I just finished recording a 24 minute video that will go live on Sunday.

      Thanks for sticking around for 6 years!

  4. I’m with Brian here as well, been following SR for years and have been checking in less and less. I really enjoyed the seeing the old format again. Not to say that the shorter format isn’t valuable at times, but sometimes it is good just to relax and shoot the bull for a while. Thanks!

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