Ashton Classic Crystal #1

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Ashton Classic Crystal #1

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Checking out the Ashton Classic Crystal #1 and I get a slight barnyard on the wrapper and just tobacco on the foot and cold draw. This is only available in one size a 6.5×44 at a MSRP of $11 a stick.

Plunging right into this Ashton Classic Crystal #1 with a meaty fruit taste up front that brings to mind a plum. Woody undertone with a tiny bit of spice up front. Creamy texture to the smoke and mild up front with medium flavor. Tangy spice came roaring in and the burn is just wonky. Not very happy with what it cost! Cigar is smoking fast but at least a lot of that tangy taste has gone away, right as the rain starts falling. Tangy spice has come back and eliminated the creaminess. Still consider this mild. Really hoping for some more flavors to come through but I am thinking this one is a dud. At $11 MSRP there shouldn’t be any duds, in my opinion. At about an inch and a half left I am getting a slight ammonia taste.

Would I buy it again? Hell no! I may have gotten a dud but I can’t see spending another $10-$11 to find out. Very disappointed, especially coming from Ashton. Disappointed is the word of the day.

I am just me.

7 thoughts on “Ashton Classic Crystal #1

  1. I have had one before and I had nothing but problems with it. Im glad im not the only one who has had isseus with this one. I don’t want to eish bad on others cigar smoking and enjoyment but at least were not the only only ones this has happened to. I myself was very disappointed in this one. I wouldn’t smoke this one again even I got it for free.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one also! It blew my mind that an $11 cigar from Ashton would do this. I hate to tell people to stay away from a cigar but its too expensive to be bad like this.

  2. Do you think that the humidity outdoors could have affected your smoking experience on this cigar? I find that my cigars dont smoke so well when it is very humid outdoors.

    1. Humidity can have am impact but it didnt seem to bother this one. Humidity would cause burn problems, relights, wonky burns sometimes but It will not effect the taste or have the cigar start burning a hole a quarter of an inch from the burn line.

      Also with the comment above yours, it seems I may not be isolated in the problems.

      I think I will stick with the Ashton Heritage for a lighter smoke 😉

  3. Totaly agree with you there Mike. Even up here where $11/cigar is cheap thats still to much damn money to shell out would rather smoke a gas station cigar for $1 than this one at least you know its gonna suck lol

  4. The bellicoso of this is a good morning smoke. Full of cinnamon flavor but u gotta smoke it slow. I might not get any more but those that I’ve had I’ve enjoyed.

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