EPC Cardinal Maduro

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EPC Cardinal Maduro

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What do you do when you suddenly find yourself awake at 3:30am and are unable to get back to sleep? Well, you could roll out of bed, make yourself a cup off coffee, grab a EPC Cardinal Maduro, and take advantage of the deep, sultry, morning voice while recording a cigar review.

The back-story as to why I was up so early is laid out in the video. With comments being so supportive, I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to record another cigar review. In hindsight, I could have cleaned myself up and fully woken up before turning on the camera, but it is what it is.

EPC has been putting out some fantastic product over the last few years. While all of it has been good, I think the EPC Cardinal Maduro stands out as my favorite. The medium body, smooth creamy finish, and long drawn-out flavors make it a stellar cigar.

This line has a stout like quality about it that produces bitterness, creaminess, sweetness, and just a dash of chocolate. Those flavors, combined with a little spice and a little pepper, make for a cigar that can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day.

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5 thoughts on “EPC Cardinal Maduro

  1. Great review Walt. Sounds like a great cigar longer lasting flavours as you descibed is something I really enjoy in my ‘gars

  2. Nice going Walt.

    You’re lucky…you hear a bump in the night and you get to reach for a gun,Living across the pond, I have to make do with a rolling pin.


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