Azul Vintage 2008 (First Impressions)

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Azul Vintage 2008 (First Impressions)

Azul Vintage 2008 Cigar Review - 1

Several weeks back I got an awesome care package from Jerry Cruz. Inside the package was a number of cigars I hadn’t had the pleasure of smoking yet. One of them was the Azul Vintage 2008 from Epicurean Cigars – Distributed by House of Emilio.

Lighting up the Azul Vintage 2008, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. The last time I smoked anything associated with Steve Ysidron, it was when he was with Savinelli. Brian had positive things to say about the Armando Gutierrez Vintage 2007 so I was eager to get started.

When it was all said and done, I was thoroughly impressed with the Azul. The flavors were soft and plentiful, making for a well balanced and complex cigar. The body and flavor intensity were both medium while the finish was soft and creamy.

While the cigar was most definitely impressive, I didn’t come away with the kind of excitement that compels me to break out my wallet and hand over my hard-earned cash. I would never turn one down but the verdict is out. I’ll have to smoke a few more before I can clearly say this one is a winner.

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9 thoughts on “Azul Vintage 2008 (First Impressions)

  1. Great review was again Walt…It really shows that you are enjoying making these videos again. Wonderful to see in my book.

    And a completely off topic thing, but as you mentioned that you went shopping for a pipe as a gift I was wondering if you have ever tried it yourself? To be honest I find myself reaching for the pipe much more than cigars these days. Mind you, the prices of cigars here in the UK are getting quite ridiculous and find it harder to justify spending that kind of money too often so the pipe is a very enjoyable alternative.


    1. Brian,
      I tried smoking a pipe a couple of years ago. I love the aroma but had a hard time with the actual smoke texture. All of the tobaccos I’ve tried have been too dry for my taste and eventually lead to me giving up on pipes.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Enjoyed your review of the Azul as well as other reviews on Stogie Review. I especially like the fact that you bring in ” every day life scenarios” in your reviews. It makes it that much more interesting. I also enjoy Mike and your reviews of Cigar Expo. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it. Remember ” Speak softly and smoke a BIG stick “

    1. Big Joe,
      Cigar Expo is a fantastic event. Unfortunately, I’m not able to make it this year due to a schedule conflict.

      Thanks for the support and kind words.

  3. Walt, so glad to have these longer reviews and I am noticing that the comments are getting longer too, evidence that your audience likes the social aspects of the site. I have to drive over an hour to get to a B

  4. Walt, really enjoyed your review, and I agree with your ideas on video length. You talking about B&Ms and private clubs reminds me of days past at the Kensington Tobacconist with Kurt. I was very sad when it closed down years ago, and I moved out of the Reading area shortly there after. This next week I’ll be back in the Reading area to see family, and heard that Kurt found another cigar shop to work at. Is that true? I’d love to stop in and see him after all these years.

    1. Marc,
      A little while after Kensington closed, Norm opened a shop with his son (Cigars on the Ave – Up towards Penn Ave and 724). When Norm passed away, his son took over.

      Kurt was working there with Norm’s son but I heard that they were having a hard time with business. The last time I talked to Kurt (via email) he told me that they were blowing out product because times were tough. I haven’t talked to him since then.

      The guys from the old private lounge have been spending time at Suburban Tavern (down in Mt Penn). I haven’t been in there in over a year so I’m not in the loop with what is going on. On occasion, I bump into some of the guys at Hamburg CI Store.

      I bumped into Blair a little while back at Sir Stogies down in Gilbertsville.

      1. That’s a damn shame. I loved my time in the Kensington private lounge, and I’m sad to hear of Norm’s passing. I’m also a shame that Kurt hasn’t found a stabile cigar store yet. I guess I’ll check it out on my way into town and hope it still has some stock I can buy and hopefully see Kurt. Would there be a way I could get you my email address privately to pass on to Kurt?

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