Nat Sherman 1930 (Short Ashes)

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Nat Sherman 1930 (Short Ashes)

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A few weeks ago I received a surprise email from the folks over at Nat Sherman. They asked if I would be interested in trying their Nat Sherman 1930 and possibly putting together a review. Times are tough and I’m in no position to turn down cigars, so I gratefully accepted.

A short time later I received three Nat Sherman 1930 cigars in the mail. I wasted no time and began smoking them in preparation for a review. Out of nowhere, Mike snaked the review right out from under me. It would seem Nat Sherman was in contact with him as well.

I set my last cigar aside and planned on revisiting it a few months down the line, in a Short Ashes format. Since we’re going back to basics, I thought ‘Timeframe be damned! I’m smoking this one now’. I fired up my camcorder this morning and got down to business.

If you’re interested in a more formal review, my suggestion would be check out Mike’s review of the Nat Sherman 1930. This review glosses over the particulars and takes on more of a down and dirty feel.

When it was all said and done, I was impressed with the cigar. Flavor and Body were both in the medium range. The taste highlights include citrus, wood, and spice. The finish was dry but did a wonderful job of pulling together all of the flavors.

If this cigar were less expensive (my sample comes in at $9.25 per single), the Nat Sherman 1930 would be no stranger to my humidor.

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2 thoughts on “Nat Sherman 1930 (Short Ashes)

  1. Another great video Walt.

    I was a member of an archery club for years but not done it in a couple of years. Really miss it, like you said, there is something very satisfying when you it that target from some distance. Made be want to dust of that bow even more now.


    1. Brian,
      I find it almost therapeutic to walk the field course at my local club. With the exception of birds and other animals, it is very quiet. No distractions, just focus on shooting and forget all about what stressed me out prior to arriving.

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