Casa Miranda Chapter Two by Nestor Miranda

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Casa Miranda Chapter Two by Nestor Miranda

Nestor Miranda Casa Miranda Chapter Two Cigar Review - 1

Last week I set aside a little time to get out to Sir Stogies for a Miami Cigar Event. It has been a while since I’ve attended an event and I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet up with my local rep, Chris Lenzo, and get caught up on what I’ve missed being without a local B&M.

While I was at the event, I picked up a handful of cigars, the first of which to be reviewed is the Nestor Miranda Casa Miranda Chapter Two. I don’t recall precisely what the price was but I’m pretty sure it came in at just over $8.00.

I think the Casa Miranda Chapter Two falls into a very competitive rice range at $8.00 to $10.00 and may not have the ‘Household Name’ status to propel the line. Had they not been a feature of the local event, it may have been a little while before I got around to trying one.

Despite my apprehension on the price point, I think the Casa Miranda Chapter Two is a wonderful cigar that offers a variety of complex flavors. My favorite of which was a sort of lemon-zest flavor. This bright flavor almost seemed as though it cleansed the palate and prepared you for the next puff. Primary flavors consisted of earth, wood, pepper, and spice.

The Casa Miranda Chapter Two is a solid medium bodied cigar with a slight creamy finish. Construction was excellent and I was very happy with this stick overall. While the Casa Miranda Chapter Two may not have that ‘Household Name’ status, I think it is well worth the asking price.

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9 thoughts on “Casa Miranda Chapter Two by Nestor Miranda

  1. Welcome back. Enjoyed your review of the Chapter Two, especially your new camera person. Lots of luck with the new house. Missed you and Mike at Cigarnival.
    Speak softly and smoke a big stick,
    Big Joe

    1. Big Joe,
      Unfortunately, Cigarnival fell on my daughter’s birthday this year so I was unable to attend. I missed going though, I always have a great time.

  2. Earthquake!! lol Walt, the quality is just fine, as long as you don’t morph into Mike. (Sorry, Mikey, just kidding!)

    I’ve enjoyed almost all of the Nestor Miranda/Miami cigars I’ve had, including the Chapter One, Grand Reserve 2011, and the Special Selections; even the mixed filler 1989. I will have to see if any of my locals has the Chapter Two in stock.

    1. jjo,
      My local has some of the Chapter One in stock (In my confusion I assumed the original Casa Miranda was the ‘Chapter One’ but it doesn’t look like that is the case – unless they re-packaged the original blend?) maybe I’ll pick one up and give it a try.

      From what I’m told, the Special Selections are going away and will be replaced with the Nestor Miranda Collection.

      1. Walt,
        Yes, the Chapter One is the original. Mike refers to the “Chapter One” on the band in his 2011 review.

        Too bad about the SS being discontinued. I hope its replacement will be as good.

        1. jjo,
          My local rep was nice enough to give me one of each (Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro). They were all okay but I preferred the Maduro.

          I was never a big fan of the Special Selection line (kind of pricey for what you’re getting – but then again aren’t many of the Miami Cigar offerings?) I don’t know what was different about the Buckhead version of the Special Selection but it is fantastic.

  3. I have had the Casa Miranda before but I believe it was a different release maybe about 2 years ago. I really enjoyed it. Looks like you are settling into your new place congrats again. I still have some brass for you lets meet at Sir Stogies for a stick!

    1. Meetting up for a cigar is long overdue. I’m generally free on Fridays if you’ve got time some week. Monday would also work but the shop is closed.

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