La Riqueza Lancero

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La Riqueza Lancero

La Riqueza Lancero 002 (482x600)

Wrapper : Connecticut broadleaf
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : bought sampler at Genuine Tobacco in Columbia, PA

Welcome to this weeks review of the La Riqueza Lancero which I got in the 10 count lancero sampler as seen in the above picture. All of these cigars are 7.5×38 and I hope to be doing all of them at some point. Might be some short quick 5-10 minute videos, I am not sure. I talk about it in the video and if you have any suggestions, please throw a comment down below.

First Half

This La Riqueza Lancero starts off with wood and cinnamon while staying mild with a spice that hits the back of the throat on the retrohale. Ramps up fast to a medium. Within half an inch. Spice hits every part of the palate with the base woody taste and a subtle bread note. Flavors are consistent with a bit of a minty and chocolatey taste coming into play. Solid medium with full flavor.

Second Half

Second half of this La Riqueza Lancero starts out with the same flavor profile and smoking beautifully. Minty taste came back once but has not resurfaced in the first part of the second half as of yet. Chocolate taste has become more dominant over the wood but the peppery spice is above all. At the end the woody and peppery profile took back control with a little of the bready taste here and there.


Would I buy it again? Yep. I hope the other nine smoke and burn this well. Really impressed with it.

I am just me.

13 thoughts on “La Riqueza Lancero

  1. Whoa, Mike doing a whole series of lanceros? 🙂 How about two short reviews per episode?

    I love the La Riqueza, and would hate to see them go away. This one sounds great.

    Hope you’re feeling better, my friend!

    1. Hey man, I was thinking of doing 2 per week but I cant have them together, I would have to do 2 separate posts. Might do that though.

  2. Mike great job on this one. This would have been the first one I reached for as well. I hope it is just a rumor that La Riqueza is going away, as I love the little Robusto size, what a great cigar. Anyway, I would be curious to see how the original El Triunfador is smoking these days. I remember it to be a great cigar when it first came out.

    1. Thank you. I think your comment was stuck in moderation so I saw it second – will do the Original El Triunfador after the Fausto. Maybe I will start 2 a week with the original and new El Triunfadors.

  3. Nice job Mike. Listening to your ” draw by draw” details of the La Riqueza Lancero, I could almost taste it. I’m usually not a fan of the smaller ring size, in my opinion, less smoke volume, less flavor. Could you review a larger ring size from the 10 pack in the future. Thanks

    Big Joe

    1. Sorry Joe but this 10-pack are all lanceros so there isnt any bigger sizes included. We have some reviews of bigger ring gauges on the site if you check out the Cigar Review Index you should be able to find them pretty easily.

  4. Nice review Mike. Could you review the fausto next. Im interested un a profile on that one.
    Also I think you should review the lanceros 1/week like you said you were thinking. ????

    1. Your wish is my command. Fausto will be next.

      I am just worried with doing 1 per week that by the time i get through them nobody will be able to find them for sale any more. We shall see….

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