Indian Tobac Super Fuerte Natural

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Indian Tobac Super Fuerte Natural

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Last week, Jerry and I were discussing my current commute cigar dilemma. In the morning, when I leave my house before 5:00am, my ride to work takes roughly 35 minutes. No matter what I seem to select as a commute cigar, I always wind up throwing away a portion of it.

First I tried a Nub Connecticut. While it was an enjoyable cigar, I wound up pitching about half of it. Next I tried the Guerrilla Warfare from Viva Republica. Great little cigar that was just about the right size, although it was a bit high octane for so early in the morning.

As we discussed different cigars to fit the bill, Jerry jokingly said to record a commute review on the way into work so that I would maximize my time. What Jerry didn’t know what that I had a camera mount in my car and could very easily make that happen (it would just need to be done on my way home from work – pre-dawn recordings are a little tough to see on video).

Last week I climbed into my car, after a long day of work, and lit up a cigar I hadn’t smoked in years, an Indian Tobac Super Fuerte. I recently picked up a 5-Pack of these on Cigar Monster as a commute cigar (I wanted something inexpensive for the ride home from work) for roughly $12.00.

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the Indian Tobac Super Fuerte more now than I did years ago. The flavors are a bit one dimensional and won’t come close to blowing your mind but it is a very solid budget cigar nonetheless.

The ‘Super Fuerte’ of years ago isn’t nearly as powerful these days. I’d say the Indian Tobac is in the low-end of Full Bodied and offers a buttery smooth finish. For the money, these really are a wonderful budget smoke.

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3 thoughts on “Indian Tobac Super Fuerte Natural

  1. Enjoyed your “rolling” review of the Indian Tobac. I also have about an hour ride home from work each day and a good stick makes the ride easier to deal with. I smoked a Torano Vault on the way home tonight, great smoke. What are your preferences/suggestions for a good “breakfast” cigar? Something mild to medium. Thanks.

    Big Joe

    1. Big Joe,
      Typically, I like a nice Connecticut and Coffee in the morning. The EPC New Wave makes for a great breakfast cigar (Medium Bodied) as well as the Oliva Connecticut Reserve (Medium Bodied).

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