Pairings: CAO Flathead V450 Sparkplug & Flying Dog The Truth

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Pairings: CAO Flathead V450 Sparkplug & Flying Dog The Truth


Disclaimer: For full disclosure, CAO Cigars is a paid advertiser and supporter of Stogie Review. With that said, the cigars and beer for this pairing were purchased by me.

Note: Initially this video was to be part of a single post that would compliment the Week in Smoke: Art of Craft Edition. Originally I was going to do three videos that would go along with the four pairings CAO and Flying Dog created. After some great feedback I decided to scrap that original plan (don’t worry you will still get those three additional CAO/Flying Dog pairings) and expand my pairing horizons to other brands. My goal is to keep these videos under 5 minutes using a shorter review method that focuses on my basic impressions of the pairings.

The Cigar: The CAO Flathead V450 Sparkplug has to be one of my favorite cigars. Nice maduro sweetness and spicy contrasting but complimentary flavors. Has a nice bite to it. Kudos on the packaging.

The Beer: The Truth by Flying Dog has a bitter woodsiness almost a piney type flavor. Nice carbonation creates a bit of a effervescent sensation.

Why it Works for Me: Neither intrude or try to overtake the other. The Sparkplug focuses its attention on one part of your palate and The Truth focuses on another part. Both living in harmony, letting each shine and not bothering the other. What a beautiful concept!


3 thoughts on “Pairings: CAO Flathead V450 Sparkplug & Flying Dog The Truth

  1. Nice to see you again oh Bearded Great One! LOL

    Thanks for the pairing. That Sparkplug looks pretty tasty and The Truth looks pretty refreshing!

  2. Nice review Jerry. Little short though but still very informative makes me want to my B&M right now.
    Should braid the beard for your next post. Lol

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