Crowned Heads Tennessee Waltz

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Crowned Heads Tennessee Waltz

Crowned Heads introduced the Tennessee Waltz this year to only their retailers in the state of Tennessee. This cigar, made by My Father Cigars, is based off the song, Tennessee Waltz which was playing in the dance hall where Jon Huber’s maternal grandparents met. The cigar features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper along with binder and filler from Nicaragua. The cigar retails for $9.25-9.50 per cigar and comes in 20 count boxes.

The cigar starts out quite spicy with a black pepper kick in the back of the palette. I also got notes of cedar, or a better description would be a mesquite woody flavor, along with leather and some nuttiness. As the cigar approached the mid point, I got sweet cocoa along with the leather and woodiness. The sweet cocoa notes really tamed down the spiciness of the cigar. It got the nuttiness and some slight spice during the retrohale. At end of the cigar, the sweet cocoa note faded and the spice made a comeback. The woody and leather notes stayed pretty much the same from beginning to the end and stayed about medium plus all the way through.

This is an outstanding cigar. I personally think it is best cigar that Crowned Heads ever put out and, considering how big a fan I am of Crowned Head cigar lines, that’s saying something. The burn and constructing is great, the flavor is outstanding and it creates a TON of smoke, so…, win, win. Thankfully, this is not a limited release like the death bed cigar they made, Mule Kick, so you will be able to get them, but more easily if you live in Tennessee. Do NOT miss out of this cigar. You will see this cigar again on my Top 10 Cigars of the Year in December. You can bet on that.

Huge thanks to Patrick Landrum of Stogie’s Ales and Fine Cigars for selling me a box for this review!

Stogie’s Ales & Fine Cigars
1800 Carothers Parkway
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
Phone: (615) 377-7727


7 thoughts on “Crowned Heads Tennessee Waltz

  1. Thanks Ben, I like the favors that you have described of the TN waltz cigar. I have to get a pack. As we are known about the tobacco leaves which the cigar producers are brought them around the world to make the cigars taste so good. Africa, Ebola disease are ramping in the region of the tobacco growers. Are these cigars safe to smoke. How do they killed the Ebola germs in the tobacco leaves. I wanted to know??????

    1. As I’m not a medical doctor, I can’t say with 100% assurance, but ebola is transmitted by bodily fluids so I very seriously doubt you have to worry about your cigars with Cameroon tobacco.

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