Tortuga Reserva (Box Pressed)

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Tortuga Reserva (Box Pressed)

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Over the past few weeks I’ve developed an addiction. My drug of choice has been the Tortuga Reserva Alma. It seems like every time I purchase them, with the intention of reviewing one, I smoke every single one of them before I manage to fire up the camera and record my thoughts.

On one shoulder an angel sat, whispering in my ear ‘Don’t burn them too fast, you won’t have any left to review. Get out the camera before its too late and you regret it!’ On the other shoulder sat a tiny little devil and he said ‘Light that bitch up, you can always get more!’

Well, when Sir Stogies was out of stock and I got stuck waiting on his latest order to arrive, I learned my lesson. I made a point to review the very next Tortuga Reserva Alma that I purchased.

The Alma is one of four sizes available in the Tortuga Reserva (Box Pressed) Lineup. Victor Vitale is responsible for the blend and seems to be getting rave reviews for his product.

Personally, I find the Tortuga offerings to be stellar and expect to see them on many ‘Top 10 Cigars of 2014’ lists in the coming months. If you haven’t had the pleasure of smoking one, I would suggest putting in an order. Cigars are medium bodied, full flavored, and smoke very well.

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