Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Mummy

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Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Mummy

Pudgy Frank 001 (600x400)

Source : Gifted from Todd and Rick

Continuing the Pudgy series this week with the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Mummy from the Pudgy set Pete released. This set was a gift from Todd and Rick.


Starting off this Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Mummy with a very peppery taste on the cold draw but after lighting it is very bready with a slight hint of pepper. Very surprised with how peppery the cold draw was. Lit up pretty easily for having a closed foot. Pepper has picked up a little about an inch or so into this Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Mummy but that’s about it. Still have the bread as the dominant flavor. Draw is still somewhat tight but not too terribly bad. I hope it keeps opening up as I smoke down through. Very mild at this stage, about a third in. This may be one of the shortest videos and writeups in all my years of reviewing. Cigar was very consistent towards the end more pepper came into play with a slight bitterness. Cigar never got out of the medium range. It did puff up a bit, as shown in the video, but that could be a number of reasons including the slightly tight draw or weather conditions.


Would I buy it again? Hell yes. Amazing in this size. I am going to smoke the full sized one I have very soon to compare as I honestly can’t remember my first experience with it. I know, I should take notes.


I am just me.

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