Week In Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 7

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Week In Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 7

I don’t do many Week in Smoke, but I’ve been down with a bad sinus infection the past couple of weeks so I haven’t been smoking many cigars.  This past week, I’ve finally been able to enjoy some old favorites and some new cigars.  I visited my good friend Jason Jackson, manager of Cigars and More in Patton Creek, AL and picked up a couple of smokes to try out.  You will see some reviewed within the next couple of weeks.  Here is some of the notable cigars I smoked the past week.


Perdomo 12 Year Vintage Toro

Perdomo 12 Year Vintage Toro

Now, for those of you that follow me on Twitter and Facebook, might have saw my rant against Perdomo for discontinuing the production of my beloved Exhibicion Sun Grown.  After talking to Nick Perdomo, he informed me that the crop for those cigars had just run out.  That’s understandable, but none the less heartbreaking.  The 12 Year was released at this years IPCPR and is replacing the Exhibicion in the line up.  I like the cigar ok, as it was very smooth and mellow, but I still felt it was missing something…….a little more body maybe.  I will revisit this one in a smaller ring gauge.

Edgar Hoill Pasion Box Pressed Perfecto

Edgar Hoill box Pasion perfecto

Wow………wow.  This cigar was great.  Great construction and it burned incredibly well.  Flavors were great with a medium body.  I don’t want to go into it too much here because I will do a full review very soon.  If you run across these, give them a try.

Drew Estate Undercrown Flying Pig

UC Flying Pig

Along with the Perdomo 12 Year, I picked this up from Cigars and More in Patton Creek,  AL.  I had been searching for these for a while now and was thrilled when I saw them.  They smoke really nice and put out loads of smoke and burn great.  As for the flavors, imagine the UC line, but smoother and more toned down spice.

Asylum 13 Robusto

Asylum 13 Robusto

These are just one of those dumb cigars…..or at least that’s what I call them.  Its a cigar that I go for when I don’t know what exactly I want to smoke, but I know I want a good cigar.  That was the Perdomo Exhibicion Sun Grown that was discontinued, but I think this might be its replacement.

Trinidad Coloniales


This one was from 2006 and you could tell.  It was such a smooth and classy smoke that I almost regretted smoking it as it was my last one.  Guess I will have to get another box.  Hands down one of the best Cuban petit coronas on the market.  Very woody and creamy with just a touch of spice.


* – All of these cigars were purchased by me


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