Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Jason

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Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Jason

Pudgy Frank 001 (600x400)

Source : Gifted from Todd and Rick

Continuing the Pudgy series this week with the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Jason from the Pudgy set Pete released. This set was a gift from Todd and Rick.


Starting out this Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Jason with a huge blast of pepper right up front that is overpowering everything but a slight woodiness. This may sound crazy but I just got what tasted like pepperoni. One of those tastes that just hits you and everybody thinks you may be going a little insane but that’s what it tasted like. Wood flavor is coming through a bit stronger now but still behind the pepper. Pepper has decreased a little and a slight bitter coffee has been showing up. Not much change at all. Bitterness has ramped up and nicotine is kicking in slightly. Not a lot but a little. Just not much happened with this stick.


Would I buy it again? Doubtful. Just didn’t give me enough flavor compared to the full sized version.

Yes the video is real short this time, partially because the cigar did not have a lot going on and because it was my first time back in the cigar lounge to record in a long time and I was distracted. I will try and make up for it with my next video.


I am just me.

One thought on “Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Jason

  1. It sounds like an average cigar at best from your video but still could be enjoyable especially if you don’t smoke tatuaje much.hope you next video is longer.

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