CAO Rabid Reindeer – Christmas 2014

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CAO Rabid Reindeer – Christmas 2014

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This CAO Rabid Reindeer is based on the CAO MX2 but again, like all the other Christmas CAO cigars the blend has been tweaked for this release. Starts off at a medium with a softer pepper and some coffee. The coffee has a bit of sweetness to it that takes the bitterness away. Came into a citrusy taste in the first inch that added a tangy component into the mix.

Halfway through the band and still a medium range but getting close to full. Coffee has gotten creamier and lost the sweetness and the citrus aftertaste notes have gone a little to the lesser side also.

Here at the end of the CAO Rabid Reindeer the coffee taste turned more bitter like a black coffee and the citrus has gone almost completely away. Power never ramped up like I thought it would but hit the full body range, even though it would be the lower end of full.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I really enjoyed the flavors but it would be a later day cigar for me due to the fullness.

I am just me.

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  1. That sounds like a must smoke to me seeing as i love the mx2. If it’s similar i definitely have to buy it. Thanks for the kick ass reviews on those two Mike.

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