Week in Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 9

Week in Smoke3 Comments on Week in Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 9

Week in Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 9

I’ve been working all week on getting my Top 10 Cigars of the Year list ready, but its not easy. I thought I had an idea of what my 10 favorites were, but as I looked through my Facebook pictures and talked to my cigar buddies, I realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. While trying to figure all this out as I’m hanging out at my local cigar shop, The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS, I had quite a few stellar cigars with the owner.  Here are a few I smoked over the past couple of days.

Davidoff Art Edition

Davidoff Art Edition

What an amazing cigar.  When I first tried this cigar when it first arrived at the shop, I didn’t care for it.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I thought it was just ok.  Six months later……WOW.  Just a few months of age on this cigar completely changed this cigar.  It was much more rich and balanced.  If you smoked this one when they first came out and, like me, thought, meh, revisit this cigar.  You will be amazed.

My Father Limited Edition 2012


We’ve had this one in the shop for quite awhile.  I has never sold very well for some reason.  I think because its surround by Padrons and Davidoffs of the same price point or a little cheaper.  Its a bummer because this is a very good cigar.  It has notes of cedar, nuts, black pepper, tea and toast.  Actually, I’m kind of glad they aren’t that big of a seller locally because that means more for me.

La Jugada Priesto


I picked up this cigar at the Sosa Cigars store in Downtown Disney when I was there visiting this past January.  I didn’t really know anything about this cigar, but it looked tasty to I picked some up.  I tried the Habano and wasn’t all that thrilled with that one.  This one was completely different.  This cigar was very rich with flavors of dark chocolate, cinnamon, espresso and cedar.  I will definitely be buying more of these.

A. Fuente Anejo No. 49

Anejo No. 49

Everyone already knows about these so I won’t go into much detail.  This is the Churchill size Anejo. Usually I only go for the No. 77 Sharks, but I found these in the back of Anejo/Opus X drawer in my humidor from 2009.  Its amazing how much smooth this get with aged as well as having the bourbon note becoming more dominate.

Drew Estate Dirty Rat

Dirty Rat

You have seen these often if you follow my Twitter or Instagram feed.  I just love them.  I consider them a Hall of Fame cigar if there was such a thing.  I mean, what can I say about them that everyone doesn’t already know?  Perfectly balanced, rich flavors in a perfect size.  One of the best cigars on the planet if not the galaxy.


3 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 9

  1. So I did feel that the Art Edition was just alright, I dont have any more but I might grab another one just to rest for a few months (it also made Seth’s Humidor #1 cigar of 2014).
    The Dirty Rat is my all time favorite cigar, no matter the hype around the Unico Series I would love them just as much! I just smoked my first 2014 Ratzilla and I am sooooo glad I still have a full bundle, might even be better than the Dirty Rat (in flavor, I prefer the 5×44 size).
    Lovely week of smoking!

  2. Major thanks and a very loud shout out to my “Uncle Bob” (Bob Ashe – Owner – The Ashton Lounge at the Cigary, Wilmette IL) for securing me TWO bundles of the Ratzilla. He only got three. A world class purveyor of the finest cigars, especially the hard-to-find stuff. And oh by the way, a fantastic cigar.

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