Perdomo Small Batch Ecuadorian Connecticut

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Perdomo Small Batch Ecuadorian Connecticut

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Welcome to this weeks review which is another Perdomo cigar, this time the Perdomo Small Batch Ecuadorian Connecticut. These will be released in Sun Grown and Maduro in April and May respectively. These are available in 4 sizes, Half Corona (4×46), Rothschild (4 1/2×50), Belicoso (5×54) and Toro Especial (5 1/2×54 – this is the review stick) with price ranges from $5-$7. Only 3,000 boxes of each size will be produced (I read annually on a sheet somewhere but I can not verify if these will in fact be produced every year or not).

Lets light this Perdomo Small Batch Ecuadorian Connecticut up and see how it does. Starts off with a slight spice up front but very buttery and creamy. Nutty taste is dominant with a tinge of wood floating around in the background. Consistent through the first half and an enjoyable mild smoke. Through the second half the flavors stayed the same until about the last third when woody took over. If you smoke full bodied smokes then this would be a morning stick. Not much to write about but I really enjoyed the ones I have smoked and I plan on picking more up.

I was picking up a flavor that I really couldn’t put my finger on until I smoked another one today and that is caramel. I was getting caramel throughout the ones I have smoked until the last third and then it turned more to the burnt side with the wood flavor dominant.

One of the guys here at Genuine Tobacco who smokes full bodied cigars tried this and didn’t like it at all saying it had no flavor to him, so you see how different smokers have different results and until you try it yourself you won’t know that I am always right (HAHAHAHA I missed April Fool’s Day by 3 days on that one just ask my wife).

Would I buy it again? Yes, I would. I like the mild to medium cigars and this hits the spot for me. I have smoked at least 3 of them so far and I hope to snag some before they are gone.

I am just me.

2 thoughts on “Perdomo Small Batch Ecuadorian Connecticut

  1. I´m a big Perdomo fan and was excited when my 3 boxes with these arrived. Having alot of boxes with the Double aged because I like it, I thought this was a bargain. My first three cigars has acted the same. They seem to be dry. Burns easy. Very light draw. Almost too light. Unbalanced flavours attacking the tounge all over. Through the nose it gives me tears in my eyes becuase of the amonia. The fourth cigar I gave to a friend and that had another profile. That was a cigar to enjoy. but I only had two puffs of it.

    I have never smoked a Cuban cigar that is unbalanced like many of the non Cubans are. even if they claim to have 4-15 years old tobacco.

    I hope that I have been unlucky with my first three ones. If not I will have alot of cigars I dont want to spend any time with

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