Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon

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Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon

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This week I take on the Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon. I have been looking forward to having a nice day to smoke this out on the porch for a while now and this was the day. These are not cheap, coming in around $10+ but it isn’t too far out of the comfort zone that people may still reach for one here and there.

Nice looking wrapper and has a great open cold draw. Starts off with a subtleness which was surprising since I fully expected a bang. Nice sweetness with hay, very slight pepper, cedary wood and a taste I can’t place as of yet. Super draw with a great amount of smoke. There is definitely more pepper in the retrohale but it isn’t overpowering. Salty taste has appeared in this first half and another spice flavor other than pepper, maybe cinnamon but I am not well versed in spices as I don’t use them much. After gardening and mowing all morning this cigar is really hitting the spot so far.

Pepper has died down in the second half along with losing the hay taste. With that said the cinnamon and sweetness has gone way up and made the smoke creamy. Definite medium cigar at this point with what I called in the video, subtle full flavor. Flavors are so nice they seem relaxed and enjoying themselves just waiting for someone to smoke through them. Very enjoyable smoke to this point, which is close to the final third.

Towards the end we hit the high medium to low full range but a nice afternoon or evening smoke for me. Pepper increased less than I thought it would but it did take away the bulk of the cinnamon taste and made the smoke a little less creamy.

Would I buy it again? Yes but only for special occasions due to the price. I could see picking up a box if I had the extra cash just to nab on to and smoke throughout the year but it is pricey.

I am just me.

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  1. I really like this one as well although in this price range I preferred the platinum more I really wish 1961 or the Patel bros was still available

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