For Your Consideration

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For Your Consideration

A little twist on our Week in Smoke series…For Your Consideration is a collection of items (cigars, food, wine, books, quotes, etc) that I’ve been enjoying and naturally, you should consider enjoying yourself. Don’t expect this to be to be some in depth exploration into pairings. This is supposed to be fun. So, sit back, relax, take a few deep breaths and enjoy.

Lately I've really been digging these DPG Blue by @myfathercigars ????

Don Pepin Garcia Blue (Invictos) – I never really gave the Blue a chance. I mean with the Black Label (Cuban Classic) being the immediate attention getter and my emotional attachment to White Label (Serie JJ), the Blue really never got a fair shake in my humidor. On a whim, I felt like reminiscing and popped into the JR Cigars thats a few blocks from my office and picked up a fiver. Lit up one and was amazed! I’ve since blown through that five pack and am onto my second. This time of year its easy to be consumed with the latest and greatest. Sometimes that great cigar you are seeking, has been there all along. You just have to stop passing it by.

Let's stay with the Oregon wines

Kings Ridge Pinot Noir (Oregon) – I’m not a wine guy. I was surprised that we actually owned a nice, easy to use wine opener. I know nothing about wine and I’d like to keep it that way. I don’t want it to become like cigars where I’m so consumed with the details that the enjoyment is dulled. Anyway, the past month of so I’ve start dabbling in wines. Mostly reds and mostly Pinor Noir. California Pinot Noir seems to dominant the shelves wherever I go so when I came across Oregon, I was intrigued. Didn’t even know you could grow grapes in Oregon. Anyway, in my limited experience, I’m digging Oregon Pinot Noir and Kings Ridge was right up my alley. Not too heavy, strong berry notes and it smelled great.

All prepped. Just have to add the avocado before serving. Zesty Lime Shrimp & Avocado Salad by @skinnytaste ->

Zesty Lime Shrimp & Avocado Salad – If you follow me on FB you will know I’ve been trying to lose weight (I’m down 26 pounds so far) and eat better. Now I’m not saying I don’t eat Five Guys, Chipotle or Popeyes anymore because I still do. What I don’t do is eat all those the same day. The above recipe is from Skinny Taste. I like her spin on altering meals to be healthier. I’m not big on avocado (its a texture thing) but the recipe is quick, filling and comes in at only 211 calories a serving.

My recent fascination with wine?  It comes from this book. Wonderful read of a man who leaves his safe, well paid job and who follows his passion for wine to France, to buy grapes, even if he doesn't speak French.

The Road to Burgundy by Ray Walker – Back to wine and what really started my interest. My commute to work consists of two buses and a train ride. A good 90 minutes depending on weather. Don’t feel too sorry for me, I only have to commute in twice a week. Anyway, it makes for a good time to listen to a good audiobook. In short, The Road to Burgundy is about a husband on the verge of fatherhood who decides to leave his safe, stable, well paying job in the world of finance to move to France and make wine. Doesn’t speak a lick of French, has no contacts but somehow, makes it work. Stories like this are always inspiring to me because I know, I don’t have that kind of courage. I envy those who do.

16 years, 277k and not major problems miles it's time for the VW Jetta to take it easy and not be the daily driver.

2001 Volkswagon Jetta – Fourteen years and 277K worry free miles sums up our Jetta. We’ve always been a one car family and the Jetta has been our loyal daily driver. A handful of arguments, lots of tears but even more laughs. In the end as long as the good times outnumber the bad; what else could you ask for? The Jetta is still in our lives but no longer has the role of daily driver. It has served us well and deserves the rest.


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  1. Bottle Shock, a movie that was on Netflix and may still be, is an entertaining pairing to your postings.

  2. My wife used to have a Jetta. It was a nice car and a lot of fun to drive. We had to trade it in on a mini-van after my daughter was born. With her car seat in the back the front seats had to be moved so far forward your knees would hit the dashboard.

  3. I really like the piping blue then again I’m sucker for corojo like a curvy girl with tattoos I just discovered Cass Fernandez for some reason always over looked don’t know why I’ve plenty of other companies with there tobacco so I do agree with you sometimes its right under your nose

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