Cigars and Light Beer

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Cigars and Light Beer

Cigars and Lite Beer

Have you ever made the mistake of posting a photo of a cigar and light beer pairing on social media? Your friends probably read you the riot act for drinking anything other than a high octane, micro-brew, or pinky-finger-up boutique. I’m here to tell you it is alright. I feel your pain and have been there myself (I’m looking at you Jerry Cruz).

I don’t drink a whole lot of beer these days (In fact, I still have a few 2014 Summer Edition cans of Coors Light in my refrigerator) but some of my favorites are stouts. Founders Breakfast Stout, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, even Guinness (although I’ve always found it a little thin / watery). When the weather turns warm, I put away the dark beers and stick to lighter options. The more sun I have beating down on me, the lighter I like my beer.

There are fewer things better than lighting up a cigar, popping open a nice cold light beer, and relaxing in the shade after a bout of hot and sweaty yardwork. Not only is the lighter beverage refreshing, it is nearly impossible for the beer to overpower the cigar and result in a poor pairing.

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7 thoughts on “Cigars and Light Beer

  1. Not much for light beer but once in a blue moon(cheesy beer joke I know)
    I like a Sam Adams light and an alec
    Bradley Connecticut

  2. If I’m drinking something light, I find Guinness or Full Sail Session Lager goes well with nearly anything.

    It doesn’t qualify as a light beer (in terms of ABV or calories, color-wise yes) but I used to love to pair Duvel with an Oliva Connecticut.

  3. Yuengling Light Lager is a local and moderately priced beer that has become a summer go-to for me.

    I like Sam Adams Light but the liquor laws in PA steer me away from purchasing it very often. I just can’t get myself to drop $30 on a case of light beer.

    1. Jerry,
      I used to buy it in bottles but these days the cheapskate in me says “What spend the extra $4 for bottles, it’s only light beer…..”

      Maybe if I drank more beer or were buying it by the six-pack, then I’d probably get bottles. It’s easier to store a half case of cans in the refrigerator drawer for long periods of time than it is bottles. LOL

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