The Sit Down With Matt Booth

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The Sit Down With Matt Booth

An interview with Matt Booth at the IPCPR 2015 tradeshow didn’t work out, but Mr. Booth is resourceful. He contacted me this week asking if we could arrange to talk on a medium like Skype, and I was happy to oblige. Of course Skype fought with us the whole way, but we soldiered on, as gentlemen in the modern age do, and I think we did a pretty good job of telling the Room 101 story.

In this longer, more in depth video we chat on a wide variety of topics, starting with Booth’s thoughts on the trade show, the new limited release Johnny Tobacconaut, which Booth describes as being first part of a “three-pronged attack” and his creative process. From there we go talk big ring gauges and the Payback Jaquemate.

As we start to move into topics less related to cigars, I ask Booth if he considers himself first a designer of jewelry or a maker of cigars at this point in his career. We also discuss the partnership between Davidoff and Room 101 including the silver products, and Booth’s upcoming venture into a yet undisclosed alcohol product.

Grayson P. Booth, Room 101 Consultant At Large makes a video debut, turning our thoughts momentarily ceiling-ward, before Booth discusses the influence on his time in Japan during the service and on Room 101 products.

As Booth looks to the future, he predicts creating jewelry using 3D printers, which will eliminate some of the issues and defects that can arise via the current manual process.

Booth gives us a magical mystery tour of his home office, showcasing many of the interesting items to be found around him as he works. There are things I didn’t realize you could encrust with gems.

At the end, Booth takes a look back and talks about the Namakubi, which he terms “the re-beginning” of Room 101.

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    1. We’ve been busy migrating videos off of our old video host (Blip) before it shuts down in a few days. It’s been pretty time consuming for all of us, but the good news is that we’re nearly done. Additionally, there’s a new Week In Smoke up today, and more stuff to follow soon.

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